Professional Negligence Services

Unhappy with your Solicitor?

Here at Hayward Baker Solicitors we have taken over many claims from solicitor firms who just did not have the expertise to run the personal injury claim properly, and used our expertise to obtain much more than the other firms had advised the clients to accept.

I’m unhappy with the advice I’ve been given. I was told I don’t have a case.
Am I paying my solicitor the correct fee? I’m unhappy with my compensation.
My solicitor made a mistake. I’m not happy with the service I’m receiving.

We have brought negligence claims against such firms where claims had already settled for substantially less than they should have done.

There are now new ways to fund claims, and some cost more than others. Following our review of claims for clients we have been able to obtain a refund of fees that were wrongly deducted from client’s compensation where the solicitors had not properly explained all the options to clients.

In some cases the paperwork was defective which meant the solicitors were not entitled to charge at all. This is a growing area of concern since April 2013 where the law changed in relation to what fees can be recovered from your opponent. We have found that many solicitors have not fully appreciated the effect of all the recent changes.

If you are concerned about any of these issues then let us review your case.

REMEMBER – if we don’t get you more compensation you pay us nothing.

If we feel we can help we will then explore all methods of funding with you including no win no fee.

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