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Personal Injury News

Worker injury from unsafe machinery leads to fine for employer  07/07/2015
Safety failings lead to firm being fined  30/06/2015
Firm prosecuted over scalding horror death  29/06/2015
Road safety campaigner wins RoSPA award  23/06/2015
Recycling firm prosecuted after worker loses arm  19/06/2015
Company prosecuted over worker scaffold fall  18/06/2015
Scottish road deaths toll rises  17/06/2015
Construction firm fined after four workers injured  16/06/2015
Pipe injury leads to firm being prosecuted  15/06/2015
Safety delays concern Kendal residents  11/06/2015
Company prosecuted over falling beam incident  11/06/2015
Construction firm prosecuted over life-changing fall  10/06/2015
Roofing boss prosecuted for putting staff at risk  09/06/2015
HSE to carry out analysis after Alton Towers incident  08/06/2015
Company fined after two workers suffer serious fall   04/06/2015
Alton Towers crash may lead to personal injury claims  03/06/2015
Timber firm fined after apprentice loses fingers  02/06/2015
Excavation company fined over unsafe working  29/05/2015
Paper company prosecuted over worker accident  28/05/2015
Firm fined after worker hit by vehicle  26/05/2015
Police Federation calls for lower drink-drive limit   21/05/2015
Steel firm prosecuted after worker suffers severe arm injury  19/05/2015
Schools join with police in road safety scheme  15/05/2015
Foundry death leads to company prosecution  12/05/2015
Fall from height lands firm in court  06/05/2015
Public bodies support UN Global Road Safety Week  05/05/2015
Tyre firm prosecuted over worker death  01/05/2015
Council prosecuted over tractor accident  30/04/2015
Company prosecuted over workplace fatality  27/04/2015
Company prosecuted after worker suffers fall from height  24/04/2015
Recycling firm prosecuted after worker loses both hands  17/04/2015
Company fined after worker loses part of arm  17/04/2015
Farm vehicle injury leads to prosecution  16/04/2015
Packing firm prosecuted over accident caused by unguarded machine  13/04/2015
Company fined after worker injured by truck with defective brake  10/04/2015
Company prosecuted over fall from height incident  09/04/2015
Call for better road safety in Midlands town  08/04/2015
Worker loses finger after machine accident  07/04/2015
Parties outline differing road safety plans  02/04/2015
Hatchery prosecuted after worker suffers arm injuries  01/04/2015
Construction firms prosecuted over worker injury  30/03/2015
Company prosecuted after staff member suffers crush injuries  26/03/2015
Serious accident prompts huge fine for transport company  17/03/2015
Waste management firm prosecuted over worker death  16/03/2015
Kent firm prosecuted after employee has toes severed  13/03/2015
Company prosecuted over scaffold collapse  12/03/2015
Company prosecuted after worker suffers hand injury  11/03/2015
Government to consult on motorcycle safety  10/03/2015
Roofing firm prosecuted after worker killed by fall  09/03/2015
Roof light fall lands cleaning firm in dock  06/03/2015
Company prosecuted after worker falls through roof  06/03/2015
Director prosecuted over his own work accident  05/03/2015
Government campaign aims to reduce cycling accidents  04/03/2015
Double prosecution follows life-changing accident   03/03/2015
Dangerous quarry blast lands firm in court  02/03/2015
Recycling firm fined over safety failings  02/03/2015
Worker crushed by metal frame  27/02/2015
Portable cabin collapse results in prosecution  23/02/2015
Firm fined over dangerous demolition  20/02/2015
Firm fined after worker falls through roof light  19/02/2015
Nuneaton business fined over safety failings  18/02/2015
Building firm fined after fall  17/02/2015
Individual injured in scaffold fall  16/02/2015
Worker killed in dumper truck fall  13/02/2015
Shropshire roofer fined for unsafe work  12/02/2015
Airport accident leads to double prosecution  11/02/2015
Multiple construction site failings slammed by HSE  10/02/2015
Farmer prosecuted over worker injuries  09/02/2015
Arm amputation leads to fine for manufacturing firm  06/02/2015
Cheshire joiner seriously injured in fall  05/02/2015
Worker struck by falling concrete beam  04/02/2015
Builders fined following structure collapse  04/02/2015
Worker struck by falling washing machine  03/02/2015
Serious burns for Chester gardening firm worker  02/02/2015
Brake: Avoid vehicle defects this winter  26/01/2015
Builder fined over unsafe work at height  23/01/2015
Brewery prosecuted after worker breaks foot  21/01/2015
Worker injured by falling paper reel  19/01/2015
Business fined over avoidable burns  16/01/2015
Builder fined after worker hit by digger  14/01/2015
HGV driver struck by own vehicle   14/01/2015
Farm owner fined after driver electrocuted  13/01/2015
Finger loss results in fine for worktop manufacturer  12/01/2015
Serious fall risk results in fine for docks firm  07/01/2015
Scaffolder fined over erection issues  07/01/2015
Machinist injuries lead to fine for aerospace firm  06/01/2015
Repeated safety failings result in fine for business  24/12/2014
Worker injured in fall from conveyor belt  23/12/2014
Recycling business prosecuted following forklift accident  19/12/2014
Apprentice injured by pressurised hose  18/12/2014
Workers suffer burns in tanker explosion  16/12/2014
Falling beam results in prosecution for construction firms  15/12/2014
Fingertip injury for engineer results in prosecution  12/12/2014
Serious injuries for driver struck by forklift  11/12/2014
Business prosecuted over lack of saw safety  10/12/2014
Apprentice injured in cherrypicker accident  09/12/2014
Accident leads to serious toe injuries for steel worker  08/12/2014
Hoarding collapse leads to fine for firm  05/12/2014
Laundry firm fined over finger loss  04/12/2014
Edinburgh worker blinded in accident  03/12/2014
Engineering firm fined over fall  02/12/2014
Fine for bakery after worker suffers hand injury  02/12/2014
Plasterer severely injured in fall  01/12/2014
Worker scalded by industrial cooking vessel  26/11/2014
Severed fingers for Rotherham worker  25/11/2014
Prosecution for Glasgow construction business  24/11/2014
Finger injuries result in fine for East Yorkshire firm  21/11/2014
Teenage worker trapped in industrial washing machine  20/11/2014
Businesses fined over unguarded machinery  19/11/2014
Tree surgeon prosecuted over chainsaw accident  18/11/2014
Builder fined over poor health and safety practices  17/11/2014
Road Safety Week 2014 to get underway  14/11/2014
Think! reaches 50 but drink-drive dangers persist  12/11/2014
Worker suffers multiple leg fractures  11/11/2014
Pothole risks continue for road users  10/11/2014
Waste firm fined over safety failings  10/11/2014
Botched demolition caused safety risk  07/11/2014
Scaffold firm prosecuted over safety failings  07/11/2014
Fragile roof fall results in prosecution  06/11/2014
Aerospace firm fined over ill-health  05/11/2014
Worker crushed in gate fall  04/11/2014
Pictures highlight unsafe practices for builder  03/11/2014
Employee burned due to lack of protection  30/10/2014
Firm fined for failure to identify live cables  24/10/2014
Scrap metal firm fined over poisoning risk  23/10/2014
Part-worn tyre dangers revealed  22/10/2014
Scaffolding firm fined over lack of cover  21/10/2014
Employee injured in chainsaw accident  17/10/2014
Firm fined over noise exposure risks  15/10/2014
Fragile ceiling fall results in prosecution  13/10/2014
Serious burns suffered by roadworker  10/10/2014
Worker loses arm in recycling accident  07/10/2014
Drilling injury results in prosecution  06/10/2014
NHS Trust fined over patient paralysis  02/10/2014
Gas fitter prosecuted for illegal boiler removal  02/10/2014
Rolls Royce fined over radioactive substance handling  01/10/2014
Firm fined after failing to test repairs that led to petrol leak  30/09/2014
Company fined after staff member hit by falling barrel  26/09/2014
Construction firm prosecuted after barrier falls on pram  25/09/2014
Sawmilling company failed to carry out risk assessment  24/09/2014
Forklift truck firm fined for failing to operate machinery safely  23/09/2014
Roofing firm prosecuted for failing to provide scaffolding  23/09/2014
Roof fall fine for solar installation firm  17/09/2014
Explosion leads to fine for carpet firm  16/09/2014
Finger amputation results in fine for firm  15/09/2014
Greater Manchester road safety reminder  15/09/2014
Building company prosecuted for gas safety breaches  10/09/2014
Highways Agency urges caution around roadworks  09/09/2014
Firms urged to select appropriate footwear for workers  08/09/2014
Roofing firm fined following fall  05/09/2014
Narrow escape for teenage labourer  04/09/2014
Be aware of children on the daily commute  03/09/2014
Landlord fined for faulty gas oven  02/09/2014
Fractured skull leads to fine for scaffold firm  29/08/2014
Construction firm director fined over safety failings  28/08/2014
Canterbury construction firms fined  28/08/2014
Landlord fined over gas safety risk  22/08/2014
GBP 240k fine after worker crushed to death  20/08/2014
County Durham dairy worker injured in fall  20/08/2014
Firm fined over failure to monitor Legionella  19/08/2014
Food manufacturer fined over finger injuries  18/08/2014
Employee injured in forklift accident   15/08/2014
Serious injuries suffered in farm accident  14/08/2014
Severe burns for Yorkshire worker  13/08/2014
Forestry worker crushed by tree  13/08/2014
Asbestos-related fall leads to HSE fines for two firms  12/08/2014
Chemical spill placed employees and public in danger  06/08/2014
Housing provider fined over balcony collapse  05/08/2014
Forklift accident at Nottingham timber firm  04/08/2014
Hauliers prosecuted after driver paralysed  01/08/2014
Aberdeen worker injured in forklift accident  28/07/2014
Arm injury at Ely mushroom farm  25/07/2014
Safety neglect leads to broken jaw  25/07/2014
Aerospace firm fined over vibration injuries  22/07/2014
Airbus fined over safety failing  21/07/2014
Be aware of rain dangers  18/07/2014
Sheet metal injury leads to fine for firm  17/07/2014
Construction firm fined over bulldozer accident  16/07/2014
Roofing contractor prosecuted for improper work  15/07/2014
Employer fined over moving platform fall  14/07/2014
Firm fined over severed finger  10/07/2014
IAM: Safety improvements needed for 20 mph routes  09/07/2014
Fairground fall leads to prosecution  08/07/2014
Worker injured in railway incident involving tree  04/07/2014
Logistics firm fined after worker injured in fall  02/07/2014
Worker loses hand in accident  01/07/2014
Joinery worker crushed by falling material   27/06/2014
Worker loses legs in accident  25/06/2014
Van manufacturer fined over lifting failings  24/06/2014
Recycling firm prosecuted over arm injury  23/06/2014
Firm fined after worker crushed  20/06/2014
Worker suffers head injuries in fall from lorry  19/06/2014
Worker seriously injured in 4m fall  18/06/2014
Second forklift accident brings company back to court  12/06/2014
Worker left paralysed after fall  11/06/2014
Worker falls from staircase during cinema construction  10/06/2014
Engineering firms fined over crush injuries  10/06/2014
Scaffolding firm fined over unsafe works  05/06/2014
Worker injured in grain store fall  04/06/2014
Life-changing injuries inflicted on Scunthorpe worker  03/06/2014
Quilt firm fined after worker injured  02/06/2014
Macclesfield apprentice injured  29/05/2014
Norwich firm fined over lost finger  27/05/2014
Road users advised against tailgating  23/05/2014
Worker fined after asbestos exposure  22/05/2014
Engineering firm fined over dangerous practices  21/05/2014
Life-changing injuries for Northampton worker  20/05/2014
Newspaper firm fined over injury  20/05/2014
Engineer suffers severed hand  19/05/2014
Stone supply firm fined over hazardous material failings  16/05/2014
Worker falls through roof light  15/05/2014
Birmingham business fined over fall  12/05/2014
Forklift accident leads to prosecution  09/05/2014
Hampshire worker falls through roof  08/05/2014
Council fined over gas pipe rupture  06/05/2014
Leather manufacturer fined over broken finger  01/05/2014
Worker injured in flat-bed fall  30/04/2014
Power firm fined over worker fall  28/04/2014
Suffolk worker suffers crush injuries  25/04/2014
Falkirk worker struck by one tonne mould  24/04/2014
Worker injured in six-metre fall  23/04/2014
Worker burned in explosion  17/04/2014
Quarry firm prosecuted over fall  17/04/2014
Worker injured at Aberdeen hotel  16/04/2014
Tractor wheel falls on worker  16/04/2014
Workers subjected to lead exposure  14/04/2014
Wall collapse results in fine for builder  10/04/2014
Gwent firm fined over unsafe practices  09/04/2014
Sub-contractor injured in roof fall  08/04/2014
Lorry driver suffers severe fracture  03/04/2014
Shopper suffers serious injuries after fence panel blows away  01/04/2014
Company fined after two workers suffer burns  31/03/2014
HSE issues working at height warning  28/03/2014
Suspended sentence for illegal gas fitter  27/03/2014
Leicestershire logistics firm fined for safety failings  26/03/2014
Hampshire waste company fined following accident  25/03/2014
Plant hire firm prosecuted after worker is crushed  24/03/2014
Dorset firm fined over severe bruising for worker  21/03/2014
Trainee vet injured in accident  18/03/2014
Builder fined over concrete burns  14/03/2014
Powder coating firm fined over hand injury  12/03/2014
Worker falls through foundry roof  11/03/2014
Workers scalded at Chester factory  07/03/2014
Severe leg injuries result in fine for local authority  06/03/2014
Sawmill fined after worker loses fingers  05/03/2014
Serious burns suffered by welder  04/03/2014
Mechanic crushed in car fall  03/03/2014
Schoolgirl injured in lift shaft fall  26/02/2014
Bus manufacturer fined over fall  25/02/2014
Suspended prison sentence for illegal gas fitter  24/02/2014
Worker loses finger tips in pasty machine  24/02/2014
Worker injured in factory explosion  21/02/2014
Food firm fined over finger injury  20/02/2014
Toe amputation for Northamptonshire worker  18/02/2014
Worker injured by falling guttering  17/02/2014
Mini-digger injures worker  13/02/2014
Widnes firm fined over employee death  12/02/2014
Glass firm owner fined over lead poisoning  11/02/2014
Gas fitter prosecuted for dangerous work  10/02/2014
Lead poisoning deficiencies for Mansfield firm  05/02/2014
Oxfordshire firm fined over scaffolding  04/02/2014
Fall death leads to considerable fine for logistics firm  03/02/2014
Worker killed in roof light fall  31/01/2014
Business fined after trainee electrocuted  27/01/2014
Firm fined after several staff injured over six-week period  24/01/2014
Worker injured in lift shaft fall  24/01/2014
Worker buried alive in accident  23/01/2014
Teenage apprentice killed in Sunderland  22/01/2014
Man injured by reversing vehicle in Devon  22/01/2014
Watchdog probe results in prosecution for firm  17/01/2014
English Heritage censured over safety  15/01/2014
Dangerous work at height highlighted by HSE  14/01/2014
Worker injured in fabric machinery  13/01/2014
Worker severs fingers on saw blade  08/01/2014
Farming firm fined over forklift death  06/01/2014
Labourer killed in fire system accident  30/12/2013
Labourer falls through cow shed roof  27/12/2013
Forestry worker killed while tree felling  20/12/2013
Roof worker left with lifelong injuries  20/12/2013
Worker crushed in hoist accident  19/12/2013
Vibration risks result in fine for Leeds firm  18/12/2013
Bread factory worker injured  17/12/2013
Head injuries result in fine for printing firm  13/12/2013
Staffordshire worker suffers arm injury  12/12/2013
Worker injured in scaffold failure  11/12/2013
Manchester worker suffers severe leg injuries  10/12/2013
Worker suffers broken bones in fall  09/12/2013
Roofing specialist fined over picture evidence  05/12/2013
Lincolnshire firm fined over severed fingers  04/12/2013
Worker injured in warehouse fall  03/12/2013
Worker loses fingers in accident  02/12/2013
Worker suffers splinter injuries  28/11/2013
Electrician killed in crane accident  27/11/2013
Worker crushed due to lack of guards  27/11/2013
Electrical burns result in fine for firm  25/11/2013
Leg fractured in gas accident  20/11/2013
Worker suffers horrific injury  19/11/2013
Recycling firm fined over steel beam injury  18/11/2013
Broken legs in industrial accident revealed  14/11/2013
Motorcyclist paralysed in accident  11/11/2013
Lost hand results in fine for brass firm  08/11/2013
Chainsaw accident results in lost toe  05/11/2013
Worker suffers severed hand  04/11/2013
Company fined over avoidable burns to mechanic  01/11/2013
Company fined GBP 40,000 for staff injury  29/10/2013
Oldham firm fined after accident  28/10/2013
Worker suffers crushing injuries  25/10/2013
Workers injured in floor collapse  24/10/2013
Worker injured in industrial estate fall  23/10/2013
Worker suffers fractured skull in fall  22/10/2013
Worker suffers broken arm at sawmill  21/10/2013
Worker loses tip of finger  18/10/2013
Car manufacturer fined over chemical burns  16/10/2013
Barking firm fined over hand injury  14/10/2013
Worker falls four storeys in Leicester Square  11/10/2013
Shotblasting worker suffers crushing injuries  10/10/2013
Firm fined over waste management site explosion  09/10/2013
Finger injuries result in prosecution  04/10/2013
Metal firm prosecuted over crane accident  03/10/2013
Finger injuries result in fine for food firm  02/10/2013
Fall injuries land company in court  30/09/2013
Pressurised water injuries for Hydro Pumps workers  30/09/2013
Crushing injuries lead to fine for glazing business  26/09/2013
Bromine accident leads to near-fatal injuries  23/09/2013
Saw accident leads to loss of fingers  20/09/2013
Cannon Technologies fined over worker fall  18/09/2013
Roof worker suffers serious injury  17/09/2013
A falling skip has resulted in injury to a worker  16/09/2013
Worker suffers broken neck in fall  13/09/2013
West Sussex firm fined over broken arm  12/09/2013
Nerve damage results in fine for engineering business  11/09/2013
Care home fall leads to fine for council  10/09/2013
A groundworker has suffered serious injuries in a site collision  09/09/2013
A furniture worker suffered a severed finger  05/09/2013
HSE clampdown on construction safety  03/09/2013
Builder prosecuted over unsafe scaffolding  02/09/2013
Serious safety failings result in fine for developer  30/08/2013
Preston Plastics fined over forklift accident  29/08/2013
Ride collapse leads to fine for fairground operator  27/08/2013
Man suffers serious arm injuries at tyre plant  23/08/2013
Couple injured in serious traffic incident  22/08/2013
Kent construction firm fined for poor site safety  21/08/2013
Serious injuries for worker following fall  20/08/2013
Bolton workers develop Hand Arm Vibration syndrome  19/08/2013
Fractured vertebrae for unfortunate freight worker  16/08/2013
Property collapse results in fine for construction business  15/08/2013
A worker has been injured in a serious fall   14/08/2013
Fatal accident results in suspended sentence  13/08/2013
Builder jailed for gas works illegalities  12/08/2013
Finger injury results in fine for Quickmach  07/08/2013
Serious injuries caused by archway collapse  06/08/2013
HSE prosecutes tyre firm over staff injury  05/08/2013
Broken neck leads to fine for steel manufacturer  31/07/2013
Cable manufacturer fined over worker injuries  30/07/2013
Engineer left with life-changing injuries  29/07/2013
Vehicles damaged by quarry explosion  26/07/2013
Severe burns lead to fine for breaker firm  25/07/2013
Falling machinery results in life-changing injuries  24/07/2013
Drinks maker fined over arm injuries  22/07/2013
Significant fine for skip company failings  19/07/2013
Scaffolding dangers highlighted by HSE investigation  17/07/2013
Severed finger leads to fine for recycling firms  12/07/2013
Severed fingers lead to fine for foundation firm  11/07/2013
Paralysed worker could seek compensation  10/07/2013
Finger injury leads to fine for brewery  09/07/2013
Fall injuries result in fine for Dorset contractor  08/07/2013
Fatal injury numbers fall  03/07/2013
Platform collapse leads to serious injury  01/07/2013
Boiler work leads to council fine  26/06/2013
Concrete fined over injury to worker  25/06/2013
Hand injuries result in HSE investigation  24/06/2013
Monmouth roofing firm fined GBP 11,500  21/06/2013
Chocolate company fined GBP 5,000 after worker accident  20/06/2013
Farm fined GBP 80,000 after tractor death  19/06/2013
Fine of GBP 15,000 handed down after workplace accident  18/06/2013
Worker who fell from height could launch legal action  17/06/2013
Bolton firm fined GBP 80,000 after accident  13/06/2013
Tyneside firm fined GBP 20,000 after workplace accident  12/06/2013
School fined GBP 9,000 after student fall  11/06/2013
Disposal firm fined GBP 300,000 by courts  10/06/2013
HGV driver banned for using hard shoulder  07/06/2013
Staff member falls in laundry accident  06/06/2013
Building firm fined for house collapse  05/06/2013
Roofing firm fined for sports hall fall  04/06/2013
Arm injury results in fine for demolition firm  03/06/2013
Amputation leads to fine for contractor  30/05/2013
Scaffold firm fined for safety breaches  29/05/2013
Papermill worker suffers fall  28/05/2013
Directors jailed and fined over accident  23/05/2013
EMR fined over tragic fatality  21/05/2013
Hand injury results in fine for contractor  20/05/2013
Worker airlifted after recycling accident  17/05/2013
Brick maker fined over fall  16/05/2013
Firms fined over fatal fall  14/05/2013
Roofing firm fined for unsafe practices  13/05/2013
Fall leads to fine for solar firm  10/05/2013
Food company fined for finger injury  09/05/2013
Forklift accident leads to paper mill prosecution  08/05/2013
Elderly couple hit by hoarding  07/05/2013
Butchery firm in hot water over injury  03/05/2013
Chemical explosion results in significant injury to worker  30/04/2013
Injuries follow three-car collision  26/04/2013
Lorry death leads to logistics firm fine  25/04/2013
Lifting equipment hazard results in fine for builder  24/04/2013
Fractured arm and concussion leads to fine for firm  23/04/2013
Three injuries result in significant fine for paper producer  22/04/2013
Thermaset has been fined for a lack of safety   19/04/2013
A falling shutter door has resulted in the death of a farm owner  17/04/2013
Fall leads to fine for roofer  16/04/2013
Director death leads to transport firm fine  15/04/2013
Scissor lift tragedy leads to fine  12/04/2013
GBP 12,000 fine for engineering firm  11/04/2013
Prosecution for Bournemouth contractor  10/04/2013
Quarter of construction sites fail inspections  09/04/2013
Crushing injuries result in fine for foundry  08/04/2013
Farmer fined over failure to manage risk  05/04/2013
Forklift injury results in fine for resin firm  03/04/2013
Grain mill fined for hand injury  28/03/2013
Long-term failings lead to aerospace firm fine  27/03/2013
Glass company fined for finger injury  26/03/2013
Youngster injured in serious fall  25/03/2013
Work at height failures lead to fine for business  22/03/2013
Barnstaple firm fined over injury  21/03/2013
Farmers fined after barn roof fall  20/03/2013
Council picks up GBP 7k fine for safety breaches  19/03/2013
Companies continue to flout vehicle segregation laws  18/03/2013
Machinery accident leads to paper firm fine  15/03/2013
Double glazing firm fined after accident  14/03/2013
Safety failings lead to fine for Hampshire business  13/03/2013
Farm fatality leads to fine for owner  12/03/2013
Leeds food firm fined  11/03/2013
Fall leads to fine for solar firm  08/03/2013
Electrocution leads to fine for developer  07/03/2013
Masonry injury leads to fine for firm  06/03/2013
Loss of finger leads to engineering firm fine  05/03/2013
Dunblane farm fined by HSE  04/03/2013
Fall causes skull fracture for worker  01/03/2013
Whiplash injury for south Wales motorist  26/02/2013
BB fined for worker injury  25/02/2013
Brick maker fined for worker injury  22/02/2013
HSE publishes first aid guidelines  21/02/2013
HSE to clampdown on unsafe construction practices  20/02/2013
Fine for Wearside business for safety failings  19/02/2013
Steel beam causes life-changing injury to Halifax worker  18/02/2013
Tragic death leads to paper firm fine  15/02/2013
Farm worker injury results in fine  14/02/2013
Lost thumb leads to fine for crisp manufacturer  12/02/2013
Scaffolding firm caught on camera and sanctioned  11/02/2013
Allied Glass fined over staff injury  08/02/2013
Wood chipper injury leads to GBP 7,000 fine  06/02/2013
Leg injury results in nursery fine  04/02/2013
GBP 5,000 fine for Merseyside demolition firm  01/02/2013
Fall risk leads to fine for shop fitting firm  31/01/2013
Steel firm and contractor fined GBP 320k  30/01/2013
Severed fingertips lead to fine  25/01/2013
Illegal gas fitter fined and could face jail  23/01/2013
Health and safety workshops in Durham  23/01/2013
Paper firm fined for safety failings  22/01/2013
Flameproofings fined for worker injury  21/01/2013
Shropshire contractor fined over burns  18/01/2013
Council prosecuted over vibration injuries  17/01/2013
APIL calls for Enterprise Bill attention  15/01/2013
Chemical exposure leads to fine  14/01/2013
Narrow escape leads to fine for steel manufacturer  11/01/2013
Councillor fined for illegal gas works  10/01/2013
GBP 7,000 fine for Berkshire firm  09/01/2013
GBP 5,000 fine follows hand injury for firm  07/01/2013
Electrical hazard leads to prosecution  04/01/2013
Landlord prosecuted over gas safety  03/01/2013
Manchester firms urged to focus on employee safety  02/01/2013
HSE brings Bury firm to court  27/12/2012
HSE highlights ridiculous health and safety bans  24/12/2012
Firm fined GBP 10,000 over hand injury  24/12/2012
Young drivers unaware of alcohol limit  21/12/2012
Fatal accident leads to significant fines  20/12/2012
Cardiff company prosecuted over safety risks  19/12/2012
Accident at work leads to fine for building firm  18/12/2012
Illegal gas work dangers highlighted  17/12/2012
HSE to carry out legionella visits  11/12/2012
Company fined for safety breach  10/12/2012
Whiplash injury leads to GBP 2.4m payout  07/12/2012
Farmer fatality leads to engineering firm fine  05/12/2012
GBP 20,000 fine for Johnson Matthey  04/12/2012
GBP 2,500 fine for First Class Post  03/12/2012
Serious safety failings at Hitchin food company   29/11/2012
Forklift injuries result in GBP 8,000 fine  28/11/2012
Carillion fined for fall fatality  27/11/2012
Suspended jail term for Cambridge landlord  26/11/2012
Leicester firm prosecuted for fall  21/11/2012
Fine for Gloucestershire firm for severed fingers  20/11/2012
Firm fined for failure to translate instructions  19/11/2012
Croydon rubbish firm hit with GBP 10,000 fine  16/11/2012
GBP 10,000 fine for construction firm that ignored safety warnings  15/11/2012
Defence firm fined GBP 376k over fatal explosion  14/11/2012
Printing firm hit with GBP 10k fine following workplace accident  12/11/2012
Worker accident results in GBP 20k fine for brewery supplier  09/11/2012
Aerospace firm fined for chemical burn incident  08/11/2012
Scaffolding firm fined after worker is seriously injured in fall  07/11/2012
Calls for regular eye tests for drivers  06/11/2012
Hedon Salads fined GBP 12.5 k after worker falls from height  05/11/2012
Slight fall in workplace injuries recorded  01/11/2012
Balfour Beatty fined GBP 2k over fall from height  30/10/2012
Fareham company prosecuted for safety failings  29/10/2012
Man wins accident at work compensation after losing fingers  26/10/2012
Scaffolding firm and director fined after work accident  24/10/2012
Fall through stable roof results in compensation for worker  23/10/2012
Millions paid out by Lancashire schools in accident claims  22/10/2012
Yacht company fined after worker falls through planks  18/10/2012
Man wins injury claim after childhood accident  17/10/2012
Worker injured by bucket receives compensation from colleague  16/10/2012
Whiplash injury claims on the rise  15/10/2012
Animal feed firm fined after worker loses arm  12/10/2012
Two men crushed by granite slabs in accident at work   11/10/2012
Cherry picker accident leads to fine for maintenance firm  10/10/2012
Factory worker forced to work with RSI wins compensation battle   09/10/2012
Microbrewery fined for failing to heed safety warnings  08/10/2012
Hampshire begin accident black spot improvement  05/10/2012
Cyclist seriously injured in Westbourne car accident  04/10/2012
Recycling firm fined after death of worker   03/10/2012
Packaging firm fined after employee bruised hand in work accident   02/10/2012
Road accident fatalities rise in UK  01/10/2012
Ice cream company fined after work accident  28/09/2012
Woman wins compensation after being bitten by dog  27/09/2012
Bournemouth residents at risk of accidental fires  26/09/2012
Rower makes injury claim after missing out on Commonwealth squad  25/09/2012
Training can reduce accident at work claims  24/09/2012
Scope of govt's new asbestos compensation scheme criticised  21/09/2012
Mother burned by medical tongs wins injury claim  20/09/2012
Walkers Snack Foods in court after worker breaks leg  19/09/2012
Monmouth company fined for safety failings  18/09/2012
New 20mph limits hoped to reduce accidents in Fareham  17/09/2012
Hythe man crushed in work accident  14/09/2012
Getting on top of health and safety will reduce work accidents  13/09/2012
Will fewer health and safety inspections increase work accidents?  12/09/2012
Prepare for a night out to avoid accidents  11/09/2012
House builder fined after two workers fall from scaffold  10/09/2012
Scaffolding firm fined after painter falls from height  07/09/2012
Otford man launches car accident compensation claim  06/09/2012
Cyclist makes accident claim after dislocating ankle on kerb   05/09/2012
Gas safety failings result in fine for Kent glazing company  04/09/2012
Accident at work compensation totals GBP 350,000 for Northamptonshire County Council  03/09/2012
Cheryl Cole and Will.i.am injured in LA car crash  30/08/2012
Postal worker awarded GBP 50,000 after van accident   28/08/2012
Health and safety is 'number one priority' for construction industry  24/08/2012
Brick-making firm fined GBP 15,000 after machine crushes worker's leg  23/08/2012
Ad firm fined GBP 12,700 following lawn mower accident  22/08/2012
Fraudsters fined GBP 6,250 over fake asbestos check  21/08/2012
Firms that ignore health and safety laws risk costly enforcement  21/08/2012
Waste company fined after worker crushed by loader  17/08/2012
Dairy firm fined following factory explosion  16/08/2012
Construction safety is 'not rocket science'  16/08/2012
HSE inspectors to target scaffolding safety measures   14/08/2012
Collision fatality sparks call for action against unfit drivers  13/08/2012
Property developer fined GBP 10,000 for putting workers at risk  10/08/2012
Drivers urged to kill speed past roadworks in Hampshire campaign  09/08/2012
Horse-loving crash victim 'may never ride again'  07/08/2012
Companies fined after workmen plunge four 4 storeys down lift shaft  06/08/2012
Bradley Wiggins calls for 'safer roads for cyclists'  06/08/2012
Tata Steele fined after employee suffers fatal injury   03/08/2012
Pensioner suffers injury after Hampshire collision  02/08/2012
Offshore oil and gas leaks continue to fall  01/08/2012
Cheltenham contractor prosecuted for safety failings  31/07/2012
Metal recycling firm fined after worker breaks arm   27/07/2012
Die-casting firm prosecuted after worker's injury  26/07/2012
HSE worried by 'unprecedented' rise in fatal accidents at work in NI   25/07/2012
Hampshire arboriculture company fined after accident at work   24/07/2012
Construction firm fined after workers fall from roof   23/07/2012
HSE to cut regulations surrounding health and safety  20/07/2012
Car parts company fined after employee fall   19/07/2012
Southampton one of worst cities for road accidents  18/07/2012
Demolition firm and director fined for safety failings   17/07/2012
Dorset school and refurbishment firm fined after safety failings  16/07/2012
Builder fined after HSE spot checks   12/07/2012
Couple awarded GBP 10k after holiday illness  11/07/2012
Vehicle testing firm fined after accident at work   10/07/2012
Bacon curing firm fined after accident  09/07/2012
HSE reveals number of fatal accidents at work   06/07/2012
Firm fined after employees suffers serious injuries   05/07/2012
Council fined GBP 25k over safety failings  04/07/2012
Woman suffers minor injuries in Basingstoke car crash   03/07/2012
Firms fined for safety failings  02/07/2012
Window manufacturer fined after worker suffers injury  29/06/2012
Kennel company fined after worker amputates finger   28/06/2012
Hampshire glazing firm prosecuted after safety failings  27/06/2012
Haulage operator fined after accident at work  27/06/2012
Iraq soldier relatives seeking compensation   26/06/2012
Youngster receives GBP 1.75k after burns   26/06/2012
Artist suing architecture firm after accident at work   22/06/2012
Road safety campaign launched in Hampshire   21/06/2012
Seatbelt and harness firm fined after accident at work   21/06/2012
Manufacturing firm fined after worker loses finger tip  19/06/2012
Soldier jailed after car crash  18/06/2012
Building firm fined GBP 240k after worker's death  15/06/2012
Firm fined after failing to heed worker's safety concerns  14/06/2012
Sussex managing director fined after safety failures   13/06/2012
Isle of Wight boat builder fined after accident at work  11/06/2012
Teachers told Blu-Tack on glass will "explode"  09/06/2012
Recycling firm fined for work accident  08/06/2012
Recycling firm fined for work accident   08/06/2012
Storage and removals company fined for forklift accident  07/06/2012
Woman uses poetry to help rebuild life  06/06/2012
Firm fined GBP 100k after worker loses hand   31/05/2012
Suffolk roofing firm fined after endangering lives  31/05/2012
Hampshire mother in hospital after road accident  30/05/2012
Devon firm fined after lorry fall  30/05/2012
Company and director fined after worker dies   29/05/2012
Cheltenham-based company fined over safety breaches  28/05/2012
Sand and gravel supplier fined after accident at work   28/05/2012
Man taken to hospital after Hampshire crash  24/05/2012
Health and safety will not dampen jubilee celebrations   22/05/2012
Government launches new whiplash strategy   21/05/2012
Hampshire teenager fighting for life after motorbike crash  18/05/2012
Adhesive firm fined after accident at work   17/05/2012
Anna Ryder Richardson to stand trial over safety breaches  15/05/2012
Hampshire drivers warned over mobile phone use  14/05/2012
Company director fined after accident at work   10/05/2012
Drink driver jailed after severely injuring two women in crash  09/05/2012
Horticultural firm fined following safety failings   04/05/2012
Devon farming business fined after safety failings  03/05/2012
Building contractor fined for serious safety breaches   02/05/2012
Workplace accident and death statistics 'a myth'  01/05/2012
Waste management company fined after safety breaches  30/04/2012
Shipyard fined after apprentice fall   30/04/2012
Construction firm fined for failure to improve safety measures  27/04/2012
South Kensington church council fined for safety failings   27/04/2012
Scaffolding firm employee narrowly avoid injury   26/04/2012
Egg company fined after worker loses fingers  25/04/2012
Construction firms urged to implement 'simple' health and safety measures  24/04/2012
Accident at work leads to building firm fine   20/04/2012
Rail firm to be prosecuted after overshoot  20/04/2012
Dry cleaning firm prosecuted after endangering workers  19/04/2012
Packaging firm fined after accident at work  19/04/2012
North Devon gym to pay personal injury compensation  17/04/2012
East Sussex County Council to appeal compensation award  16/04/2012
Construction firm fined after accident at work  13/04/2012
New rules on workplace injuries set to save business' time  13/04/2012
Myth-busting panel set up to end health and safety misconceptions  11/04/2012
Accident at work leads to GBP 10k fine  05/04/2012
Poultry farm fined after accident at work  04/04/2012
Thousands of families win asbestos case at Supreme Court  03/04/2012
Almost one-in-five construction firms fail safety checks  02/04/2012
Dorset dairy firm fined after accident at work   30/03/2012
Helmet manufacturer fined after worker suffers serious injuries  28/03/2012
Car crash victim wins compensation claim  23/03/2012
West Sussex County Council pays out GBP 1m on injury claims  21/03/2012
Bank executive wins right to compensation  20/03/2012
Man taken to hospital after crashing into Portsmouth lamppost  19/03/2012
Petition called for safety measures before motorcyclist was killed  16/03/2012
Car accident compensation for would-be super yacht skipper  15/03/2012
Roofing company given GBP 2k fine after accident at work  14/03/2012
Crash damages to be awarded damages after crash  13/03/2012
Wells Cathedral School fined after employee's fall from height  12/03/2012
Safety experts to tackle forestry industry accidents  08/03/2012
New recruits most at risk from accidents at work  06/03/2012
Health and safety 'denying children sheer joy of nature'  05/03/2012
NHS compensation claims reach GBP 20m  05/03/2012
Pictures to be used in health and safety training?  02/03/2012
Businesses unable to dedicate staff to health and safety  01/03/2012
Employers urged to protect workers' hearing  01/03/2012
Oxfordshire firm fined after accident at work  29/02/2012
Firm fined GBP 100k after worker's death  29/02/2012
HSE to 'crack down' on waste industry safety failings  28/02/2012
New police lights 'may lead to more accidents'  27/02/2012
Manufacturing firm fined after accident at work  27/02/2012
Six-year-old awarded GBP 5m damages  24/02/2012
Hampshire family launch compensation claim  23/02/2012
Vehicle repair firm fined GBP 15k after death of a worker  22/02/2012
Firm fined after worker loses two fingers  22/02/2012
Automotive component manufacturer fined GBP 9,000 after accident at work  22/02/2012
HSE plans construction site health and safety clampdown  21/02/2012
Isle of Wight man awarded personal injury compensation  21/02/2012
HSE fails to meet health and safety targets  20/02/2012
Businesses urged to boost health and safety understanding  20/02/2012
Dorset firm fined after man's arm is crushed in accident at work  17/02/2012
Construction firm fined following accident at work  16/02/2012
Appeal launched after rider suffers whiplash injury  15/02/2012
Council fined after elderly resident is scalded  15/02/2012
Gas explosion leads to GBP 22k fine   14/02/2012
Landlord fined after risking students' lives  13/02/2012
Gas worker prosecuted for lying about credentials  13/02/2012
Injured passenger launches personal injury claim after car crash  10/02/2012
Security guard sacked for breaking health and safety policy  10/02/2012
Bus operator fined after worker crushed  09/02/2012
Merseyside mother considering compensation claim after playground injury  09/02/2012
Pilot wins GBP 100k compensation after crash  08/02/2012
Construction firms fined GBP 65k after accident at work  08/02/2012
Contractor fined following accident at work  07/02/2012
Air conditioning firm fined after worker's fingertip severed  07/02/2012
International fencing firm fined after accident at work   06/02/2012
Tonypandy firm fined after accident at work   06/02/2012
Two companies fined after power station accident   03/02/2012
Cornwall farm fined after accident at work   02/02/2012
Dover man fined after breaching asbestos regulations   01/02/2012
Oxford landlord fined for endangering tenants' safety   01/02/2012
Major construction firm fined GBP 106k   31/01/2012
Hertfordshire firm fined after accident at work  30/01/2012
Tata Steel UK fined after accident at work  27/01/2012
Construction firm fined after worker's fall from height  27/01/2012
Hampshire boat maker fined after worker suffers serious injuries  27/01/2012
Phones 4U employee launches personal injury claim  26/01/2012
Hampshire firm fined after worker's death  25/01/2012
Engineering contractor fined after employee suffers accident at work  24/01/2012
Motorcyclist seeking GBP 300k in personal injury claim  23/01/2012
Manufacturer fined GBP 7k after accident at work  23/01/2012
Flooring firm fined after accident at work  20/01/2012
Staffordshire casting company fined after accident at work  20/01/2012
Bradford man facing long compensation battle over 'toxic' sofa  19/01/2012
Cyclist receives GBP 4m compensation  19/01/2012
Plastic firm fined after worker loses finger  18/01/2012
Construction firm fined after risking an accident at work  17/01/2012
Liverpool businessman fined GBP 112k after accident at work  17/01/2012
Plastic firm fined after worker's death in accident at work  16/01/2012
Crane supplier fined GBP 180k after accident at work  16/01/2012
Demolition worker fined after colleague injured  13/01/2012
Door-making firm fined after accident at work  13/01/2012
MPs call for more proof in personal injury cases  12/01/2012
Police ordered to pay GBP 35k in compensation  11/01/2012
Thornton's fined after worker suffers fractured finger  11/01/2012
Suffolk County Council fined for health and safety breaches  10/01/2012
Bury firm fined GBP 40k after worker crushed  10/01/2012
One Direction suffer whiplash injuries  09/01/2012
Logistics firm fined after forklift accident  09/01/2012
Horticulture firm fined after worker loses three fingers  06/01/2012
Derbyshire firm fined after accident at work  06/01/2012
Rotherham firm fined GBP 10k after accident at work  06/01/2012
Bus driver seeks compensation for whiplash injury  05/01/2012
Car technician seeks compensation after 100 mph Ferrari crash  04/01/2012
Compensation for man run over after car mounted the kerb  04/01/2012
Supermarket worker wins compensation after egg slip  03/01/2012
Son seeks compensation after parents killed on level crossing  03/01/2012
Horse rider wins GBP 37k personal injury compensation  30/12/2011
Woman seeking GBP 1m compensation after go-karting accident  30/12/2011
House building firm fined after accident at work  29/12/2011
Global steel firm fined after accident at work  28/12/2011
Wiltshire firm fined after death of a worker  23/12/2011
Farm firm fined after worker severely injured  23/12/2011
Essex-based packaging firm fined after accident at work  22/12/2011
Rotherham firm fined after 'catalogue of failings'  22/12/2011
Family set to launch injury claim after toddler injured in Tesco  21/12/2011
Welsh estate agent fined after accident at work  21/12/2011
Southampton grandmother set to receive personal injury compensation  20/12/2011
Company director fined after employee death  19/12/2011
Global manufacturer fined GBP 180k after accident at work  19/12/2011
Car accidents to increase over Christmas  19/12/2011
Farming firms encouraged to boost worker safety  16/12/2011
UK Coal Mining Ltd fined after death of four workers  15/12/2011
Contractors fined after roofer suffers severe injuries  15/12/2011
Council fined for endangering public at community centre  14/12/2011
Companies fined 68k after accident at work  14/12/2011
South Yorkshire fined 15k after apprentice's ordeal  13/12/2011
Manufacturer fined after worker's hand crushed  13/12/2011
Firm fined following fatal forklift fall  12/12/2011
Birmingham firm fined after fireball engulfs workers  09/12/2011
Council fined after worker loses fingers  08/12/2011
Construction firm fined after worker falls from balcony  07/12/2011
Woman cut free from car after collision  06/12/2011
Drink driving 'pushes up insurance premiums'  06/12/2011
Unregistered plumber 'put lives at risk with dangerous work'  06/12/2011
UK 'needs to improve health and safety implementation'  05/12/2011
Supercar pile up most expensive car crash ever?  05/12/2011
Pregnant woman's Mercedes destroyed in car crash  05/12/2011
Five injured after police chase  02/12/2011
Construction firms fined after worker's death  02/12/2011
Cheshire firm fined 10k after accident at work  02/12/2011
Sheffield deputy lord mayor to claim compensation after fall  01/12/2011
Housebuilder fined after child suffers serious injuries  30/11/2011
Waste firm fined 15k for accident at work  30/11/2011
Dartford firm fined after accident at work  29/11/2011
A Dartford firm has been fined after an employee was crushed by a reversing lorry.  29/11/2011
Worker loses leg in accident at work  28/11/2011
Rochdale firm fined after employee severs fingers  28/11/2011
Hampshire baker fined after worker injury  25/11/2011
Pontllanfraith firm prosecuted after fatal accident at work  25/11/2011
Blackpool firm fined after ladder fall  25/11/2011
Police investigating school bus crash  24/11/2011
Grandmother to launch injury claim after trip  24/11/2011
Man receives GBP 160k compensation after park fall  23/11/2011
Former policewoman GBP 500k after car crash  23/11/2011
Building firm fined after fall from height  22/11/2011
North Yorkshire firm fined after accident at work  22/11/2011
Two police officers injured in car crash  21/11/2011
Woman receives GBP 28k after airport fall  21/11/2011
Injured spectators set to launch injury claims  21/11/2011
Two scaffolders fined after accident at work  18/11/2011
Lincoln University fined after asbestos exposure  17/11/2011
Construction firm fined 13k after worker scarred for life  17/11/2011
Scout launches compensation claim after rugby injury  16/11/2011
Great grandmother wins compensation after fall  16/11/2011
Scaffolding firm fined GBP 5k after accident at work  16/11/2011
Fabrication firm fined after employee injury  15/11/2011
Roofers fined after unsafe work  15/11/2011
Worker wins 22k compensation after accident at work  14/11/2011
Shropshire poultry firm fined after accident at work  14/11/2011
Roofing firm fined GBP 3k after accident at work  14/11/2011
Mother seeks compensation after baby struck by rolling pin  11/11/2011
Food firm fined over fall  11/11/2011
Health firm fined after worker's finger is severed  11/11/2011
Manufacturer fined after worker suffers severe injuries  10/11/2011
Salmon farming firm fined after worker death  10/11/2011
Building firm fined 15k after accident at work  10/11/2011
Hospital pays out six-figure compensation sum after x-ray error  09/11/2011
Personal injury claim launched after fall  09/11/2011
Man seeks compensation after ladder fall at golf club  09/11/2011
Birmingham handyman fined after accident at work  08/11/2011
Motorcyclist seeks personal injury compensation after being thrown from bike  07/11/2011
Builder fined after gas explosion  07/11/2011
Waste firm fined GBP 20k after accident at work  07/11/2011
Man receives compensation after accident at work  04/11/2011
Motorcyclist seeks injury compensation after accident  04/11/2011
Manufacturer fined GDP 2K for accident at work insurance failure  03/11/2011
Engineering firm fined GDP 12k for safety failings  03/11/2011
Ex policeman sues for botched ops following an accident at work  02/11/2011
Cyclist seeks car accident compensation  02/11/2011
Animal feed firm fined GBP 14k for accident at work  01/11/2011
Trafford firm fined GBP 145k after accident at work  01/11/2011
Oldham roofer fined for risking accident at work  31/10/2011
Plastic bag manufacturer fined GBP 3.5k after accident at work  31/10/2011
Cardiff letting agent fined for endangering workers  31/10/2011
Six people hurt in car accident  28/10/2011
Leicester manufacturer fined after accident at work led to worker's death  28/10/2011
Building contractor fined after accident at work  28/10/2011
North-east schools pay out GBP 200k to pupils and teachers  27/10/2011
Woman hit by police car faces long injury compensation battle  27/10/2011
Lancashire animal feed fined GBP 7k after accident at work  27/10/2011
South Tyneside company fined GBP 5.5k after accident at work  26/10/2011
Food firm fined after worker loses hand in accident at work  26/10/2011
Amateur footballer awarded GBP 22k in injury compensation  25/10/2011
Former Apprentice star seeks personal injury compensation  25/10/2011
Man seeks GBP 50k after paving slab trip  25/10/2011
Worthing scaffolding firm fined after accident at work  24/10/2011
Councils pay out GBP 75m in compensation  24/10/2011
Wigan food firm fined after accident at work  24/10/2011
Teacher wins GBP 16.5K personal injury compensation  21/10/2011
Blackburn man awarded car accident compensation  20/10/2011
Louth man fined following accident at work  20/10/2011
Exeter waste firm fined GBP 4.5K over worker injury  19/10/2011
Multinational firm fined after worker killed in explosion  18/10/2011
Dorset firm fined GBP 10k after accident at work  18/10/2011
Gas fitter fined after putting lives at risk  18/10/2011
Builder shot by nail gun in accident at work  17/10/2011
Laundry firm fined after ignoring safety notices  17/10/2011
Lorry driver fined GBP 1.5k after accident at work  17/10/2011
Cheshire chemical firm in court after accident at work  17/10/2011
Asbestos victim's family receive compensation  14/10/2011
Drug convict set to complete sentence after recovering from whiplash injury  14/10/2011
Injured girl awarded GBP 2k in personal injury compensation  13/10/2011
Personal injury compensation awarded after car accident  13/10/2011
Lincolnshire farming company fined after accident at work  13/10/2011
Fife farming firm fined GBP 20k after an accident at work  12/10/2011
Lockerbie builder given community service after unsafe gas installations  12/10/2011
Suffolk church worker claims car accident compensation  11/10/2011
Bus crash passengers pursue personal injury claim  11/10/2011
Construction firm pays GBP 2m in personal injury compensation  10/10/2011
Personal injury compensation - Bookmakers fined for security failures  07/10/2011
Car accident compensation - Six people in hospital after Wirral car crash  07/10/2011
Work accident compensation - Building firm fined over asbestos exposure  07/10/2011
Personal injury compensation - Huddersfield landlord fined for ignoring safety issues  07/10/2011
Personal injury compensation – Schoolboy rugby player awarded GBP 54k  06/10/2011
Work accident compensation – Malt company fined over accident at work  06/10/2011
Personal injury compensation - NELC paid out over GBP 45k in last three years  05/10/2011
Personal injury compensation - Golfer claims GBP 750k for sports injury  05/10/2011
Car accident compensation - Rugby player undergoes surgery following car crash  05/10/2011
Personal injury compensation - Farmers encouraged to attend health and safety seminar  04/10/2011
Work accident compensation - Shropshire farm owner fined GBP 14k after accident at work  03/10/2011
Work accident compensation - County Durham firm fined GBP 100k after accident at work  03/10/2011
Car accident compensation - Officers treated for whiplash injury after police car crash  30/09/2011
Personal injury compensation - North-east firms to be assisted in reducing accidents at work  30/09/2011
Car accident compensation - Couple treated for whiplash injury after Bradford crash  29/09/2011
Work accident compensation - Kent firm fined GBP 20k after employee fall  29/09/2011
Car accident compensation: Couple treated for whiplash after car accident  28/09/2011
Personal injury compensation: construction crackdown aims to prevent accidents at work  28/09/2011
Car accident compensation - Bouncers rescue trapped motorist  27/09/2011
Accident at work compensation - Changes made to accident at work prosecutions  27/09/2011
Car accident compensation - MP calls for harsher penalties for uninsured drivers  26/09/2011
Personal injury compensation - Pledge launched to tackle asbestos cases  26/09/2011
Work accident compensation - Pub firm fined for not protecting staff  26/09/2011
Scottish firm fined following scaffolding fall  23/09/2011
HSE aims to reduce agricultural accidents at work  22/09/2011
Company fined after man drowns in accident at work  22/09/2011
Woman suffers whiplash injury in Kent car accident  21/09/2011
Shetland company penalised following worker fall  21/09/2011
Mother and daughter 'miraculously' survive car accident  20/09/2011
Company fined after worker is burned by molten metal  20/09/2011
Whiplash injuries 'have many after-effects'  19/09/2011
Surrey firm fined following scaffolding collapse  19/09/2011
Bath firm fined following man's asbestos exposure  19/09/2011
Tree surgeon fined after worker's leg is badly injured  16/09/2011
Construction firm fined over worker burns  16/09/2011
Firm fined following worker arm damage  15/09/2011
Whiplash injury claims 'driving up insurance costs'  15/09/2011
Rioter charged after policemen suffer whiplash injury  15/09/2011
Company fined GBP 112k after worker is crushed to death  15/09/2011
Cannock firm fined following worker injury claim  15/09/2011
Bus manufacturer fined GBP 50k following accident at work  14/09/2011
Fairground attendant fined after teenager's accident  14/09/2011
Blackburn woman suffers whiplash injuries  13/09/2011
Derby firm fined GBP 10k for safety failings  13/09/2011
Lincolnshire firm fined after roofers conduct unsafe work  13/09/2011
Bolton firm fined for risking accidents at work  13/09/2011
Crane firm fined after workers receive electric shock  12/09/2011
Mushroom firm penalised following accident at work  12/09/2011
West Yorks firm fined following worker finger injury  08/09/2011
Council and refurb firm fined following asbestos exposure  07/09/2011
Pitmachie firm fined GBP 15k following worker death  07/09/2011
Sheffield firms penalised following worker fall  07/09/2011
Somerset firm fined for worker finger injury  06/09/2011
Workplace fatalities rise by 133%  06/09/2011
Accident at work results in fine and prison sentence  05/09/2011
Food firm fined following fatal fall  05/09/2011
Demolition firm fined following worker death  05/09/2011
County Durham firm fined after worker hit by waste vehicle  02/09/2011
Firm receives GBP 3,000 fine following worker electrocution  02/09/2011
Boss appears in court following accident at work  02/09/2011
Leamington Spa firm fined after accident at work  01/09/2011
Gas engineer fined for illegal work  01/09/2011
Barnet firm fined after accident at work  30/08/2011
Fertiliser firm fined GBP 10,500 after accident at work  25/08/2011
Firm fined GBP 36,000 after accident at work  23/08/2011
Accident at work claim goes to European Court of Human Rights  19/08/2011
Common accidents 'can give rise to personal injury accident claims'  19/08/2011
Woman awarded 6-figure accident claim after holiday fall  19/08/2011
Firm fined GBP 100,000 after the death of an employee  19/08/2011
Vehicle collision leaves two hospitalised  18/08/2011
Car accident compensation: Brake to highlight road safety in primary schools  18/08/2011
Car accident compensation: Welsh road safety 'risen substantially since 1990s'  18/08/2011
Timber firm fined after accident at work leaves employee with hand injury  18/08/2011
Council worker awarded GBP 4.6k after accident at work  17/08/2011
Barmaid seeks compensation after gas explosion  17/08/2011
Aquaculture accidents at work seminar held  17/08/2011
Wirral prosecution 'highlights risks of accidents at work'  17/08/2011
Car accident compensation: Sessions run to improve support for those in crashes  17/08/2011
HSE issues guidance to cut accidents at work  16/08/2011
Car accident compensation: RoSPA calls for tougher seatbelt laws for buses  16/08/2011
Firm fined GBP 80,000 after accident at work  16/08/2011
Satellite TV firm found guilty of safety breaches  16/08/2011
Govt 'scraps' asbestos compensation fund  16/08/2011
Car accidents decline in Scotland  15/08/2011
Teachers awarded GBP 55k for accidents at work  15/08/2011
Injured teenager's mother files GBP 500k accident claim  15/08/2011
Rospa launches fleet tool to cut number of accidents at work  15/08/2011
Holidaymakers without insurance 'may struggle to afford injury claims'  15/08/2011
Passenger sustains whiplash injuries in Buxton crash  12/08/2011
Firm fined GBP 6k after handyman fell through roof in accident at work  12/08/2011
GBP 16k fine for firm after employee severs fingers in accident at work  12/08/2011
Blackpool firm fined GBP 7k for accident at work  11/08/2011
Cyclist to pursue compensation claim over hit-and-run  10/08/2011
Worcestershire firms fined over accident at work  10/08/2011
Safety culture 'could prevent accidents at work'  10/08/2011
Firm fined after print worker damages hand  09/08/2011
Man trapped under lorry during accident at work  09/08/2011
Gas fitter fined after accident at work  09/08/2011
Firm fined following failure to move asbestos  09/08/2011
Firm fined after print worker damages hand  09/08/2011
Man trapped under lorry during accident at work  09/08/2011
Brewery fined after caustic soda accident at work  09/08/2011
Brewery fined after accident at work involving forklift truck  08/08/2011
Brewery fined GBP 57,000 after workers suffer burns  08/08/2011
Cardiff firm fined GBP 20,000 over accident at work  08/08/2011
Police officers suffer whiplash injury in attack  05/08/2011
Accident at work sees employee lose three fingers  04/08/2011
Derbyshire company fined GBP 10,000 over accident at work  04/08/2011
Injuries compensation offered to family of Sheffield worker  04/08/2011
Company fined GBP 150,000 for health and safety breach  03/08/2011
HSE to investigate worker's death  02/08/2011
Man to sue Royal Opera House over accident at work  02/08/2011
Companies to pay GBP 225,000 over chemical fire  29/07/2011
Young mum suffers whiplash injury in Scarborough crash  29/07/2011
Firm prosecuted after worker loses fingers in accident at work  29/07/2011
Scottish company fined after accident at work  29/07/2011
Companies fined GBP 115,000 over accident at work  28/07/2011
Suspected whiplash injuries following Scarborough crash  27/07/2011
Firms issued warning over accident at work risk  27/07/2011
School fined GBP 6,000 for accident  27/07/2011
Skip firm fined GBP 150k over accident at work  26/07/2011
Two companies in court over fire accident at work  26/07/2011
Council prosecuted for accident at work  26/07/2011
Minerals firm fined GBP 8k after accident at work  25/07/2011
Building company fined GBP 10k after accident at work  25/07/2011
Bolton roofer prosecuted for accident at work risk  25/07/2011
Bungee Run may lead to compensation claim  22/07/2011
Construction firm prosecuted for accident at work  22/07/2011
Farm owner fined GBP 6k following accident at work  22/07/2011
Glass firm fined GBP 11k after accident at work  21/07/2011
BA hostess claims compensation after accident at work  21/07/2011
Croydon firm fined GBP 6k for accident at work  21/07/2011
Accidents at work decrease on offshore oil and gas rigs  20/07/2011
Manufacturing firm fined GBP 16k after accident at work  20/07/2011
Wolverhampton plumber ordered to pay GBP 2k following accident at work  20/07/2011
Marks and Spencer prosecuted following accident at work  19/07/2011
Packaging firm fined GBP 90k after workers suffer accident at work  19/07/2011
Policemen consider personal injury claims  18/07/2011
Three people taken to hospital after Essex crash  18/07/2011
Agricultural contractor fined GBP 8,000  18/07/2011
Industrial estate explosion leaves five dead and one injured  15/07/2011
Nottingham firm fined GBP 5,000 over accident at work  15/07/2011
Man taken to hospital with suspected whiplash injury  14/07/2011
Victorian personal injury claims revealed  14/07/2011
Tree surgeon survives accident at work  13/07/2011
School prosecuted over fall from height  13/07/2011
Staffordshire interior design firm fined GBP 25,000  12/07/2011
Third firm fined over the death of a construction foreman  12/07/2011
Tour de France rider suffers whiplash  12/07/2011
Firms fined over worker's death  11/07/2011
Demolition firm fined after ceiling collapses   11/07/2011
Rotherham company prosecuted for accident at work risk  08/07/2011
Halifax firm fined GBP 7,500 for accident at work  08/07/2011
Car parts firm fined over accident at work in Staffordshire  07/07/2011
Firms fined over fatal accident at work  06/07/2011
Construction firm fined over accident at work in Poole  06/07/2011
Chemical firm fined GBP 12k over accident at work  05/07/2011
Anti-accident at work event to take place on Isle of Wight  05/07/2011
Health and safety reforms to be discussed  04/07/2011
Teen injured in accident at work in Cornwall  04/07/2011
Plastering firm fined GBP 5k after accident at work  01/07/2011
Six children sustain whiplash injuries in minibus crash  01/07/2011
Two firms made to pay GBP 250k over accident at work  30/06/2011
Matthew Avery honoured for anti-whiplash injury work  30/06/2011
Fatal injuries figures 'are a cause for concern'  30/06/2011
34 agriculture workers died last year  29/06/2011
Govt 'must take action to reduce accidents at work'  29/06/2011
Woman sustains whiplash in car crash  29/06/2011
171 people 'died in accidents at work in 2010/11'  28/06/2011
Marine company fined over accident at work risk  27/06/2011
Firms fined over serious accident at work in Bristol  27/06/2011
243 accidents at work reported to HSE in 2010/11  27/06/2011
Health and safety 'must look at how accidents at work can be avoided'  24/06/2011
Boy suffers whiplash injury in South Yorkshire  24/06/2011
HSE issues warning over shellfish diving following accidents at work  23/06/2011
100k youngsters are at risk during work experience  23/06/2011
Man sustains whiplash injury in Wigan road accident   23/06/2011
Children with whiplash injuries given counselling  22/06/2011
Anti-accident at work tour scheduled for next month  22/06/2011
Anti-accident at work event to take place in Bradford  21/06/2011
Shell UK made to pay GBP 1.24m over accident at work  21/06/2011
Gas company fined after man dies in accident at work  21/06/2011
Demolition firm fined over accident at work risk  21/06/2011
Firms fined over finger-severing accident at work  20/06/2011
Truck firm fined over accident at work in Blackburn  17/06/2011
Recycling firm fined over accident at work in Grantham  17/06/2011
Engineering firm fined GBP 100k over fatal accident at work  17/06/2011
Council fined GBP 18k over girl's personal injury  16/06/2011
Anti-accident at work event scheduled for Birmingham  15/06/2011
Shop-fitting firm fined over accident at work  15/06/2011
Firms fined over accident at work in Plymouth  15/06/2011
Olympics' construction phase: Almost free of work accidents  14/06/2011
RoSPA forum to discuss accidents at work  14/06/2011
Man fined over personal injury risk  14/06/2011
Woman given driving ban after causing whiplash injuries  13/06/2011
Man keen to return to job following accident at work  10/06/2011
Site foreman fined over fatal accident at work  10/06/2011
Glass firm fined GBP 20k over accident at work  10/06/2011
Textile worker killed in accident at work  09/06/2011
National Film and TV School fined over accident at work  09/06/2011
Firms fined over man's death in accident at work  08/06/2011
Man's fingers severed in accident at work in Telford  07/06/2011
Man dies in 12 m fall in accident at work  07/06/2011
Norfolk firm fined GBP 1.5k over accident at work  07/06/2011
Refurbishment firm fined GBP 10k following accident at work  06/06/2011
HGV driver suffers whiplash injury in Cumbrian crash  06/06/2011
Two companies prosecuted following "horrific" accident at work  03/06/2011
Yorkshire firm fined GBP 12k for accident at work  03/06/2011
Firm fined over accident at work risk in Surrey  02/06/2011
Gas installer fined for putting people at risk of personal injury  01/06/2011
Girl suffers whiplash in Keswick car crash  01/06/2011
Firms fined over accident at work in Bedfordshire  01/06/2011
Property firm fined over accident at work  31/05/2011
Manchester firm fined over accident at work risk  31/05/2011
Heinz fined over accident at work  31/05/2011
Man sustains whiplash injury in car crash  27/05/2011
Decking company fined over accident at work risk  27/05/2011
Landlord fined over personal injury risk  27/05/2011
Packaging firm fined GBP 5k over accident at work  27/05/2011
Gearbox manufacturer fined GBP 180k over accident at work  26/05/2011
Contractor fined over fatal accident at work  26/05/2011
Kent builder fined over work accident  25/05/2011
Paper firm fined over accident at work in Derbyshire  25/05/2011
Fines of GBP 18.7k issued over fatal accident at work  25/05/2011
New in-car systems 'could prevent thousands of whiplash injuries'  25/05/2011
Leamington Spa firm fined over accident at work  24/05/2011
Woman fights for life and man suffers whiplash injury in car crash  24/05/2011
Roofer fined because of accident at work risk   23/05/2011
Chemical company fined GPB 150,000 for accident at work  23/05/2011
Cyclist sustains whiplash injury in road accident  20/05/2011
Farming firm fined over worker's fatal electrocution  20/05/2011
Anti-accident at work event to take place in the Highlands  19/05/2011
HSE updates guidance on preventing work accidents  19/05/2011
Fines of GBP 10k issued over accident at work  18/05/2011
Whiplash injuries sustained in collision   18/05/2011
Child sustains personal injury at funfair  18/05/2011
Woman sustains whiplash in Lancashire car accident   17/05/2011
Steel firm fined over hand-damaging accident at work  17/05/2011
Steeplejack fined over death of man in accident at work  17/05/2011
Engineering firm fined GBP 7.5k over accident at work  16/05/2011
HSE launches anti-accident at work tour   16/05/2011
Firms fined over accident at work risk in Kent  16/05/2011
Quarry owner fined over accident at work risk  16/05/2011
Recycling firm fined GBP 15k over accident at work in Bedfordshire  13/05/2011
Aerospace firm fined over accident at work  12/05/2011
Playground firm fined over accident at work  12/05/2011
Manufacturer fined over accident at work in Hertfordshire  11/05/2011
Scaffolder fined over accident at work risk  11/05/2011
Taxi driver suffers whiplash injury in Teesside crash  10/05/2011
HSE to change accident at work reporting arrangements  10/05/2011
Engineering firm fined over work accident in Dorset  10/05/2011
Driver suffers whiplash injury in Blackpool  10/05/2011
Property developer fined over accident at work risk  09/05/2011
GBP 120k payout over man paralysed in accident at work  09/05/2011
Woman suffers whiplash injuries in road accident  06/05/2011
Oldham firm fined GBP 10k over accident at work risk  06/05/2011
Pair fined over accident at work in Hertfordshire  06/05/2011
Accident at work death leads to GBP 20k fine  05/05/2011
Fareham man dies in accident at work   05/05/2011
Man fined over whiplash injury  04/05/2011
Firm fined after forklift truck driver dies in accident at work  04/05/2011
Firms win awards for preventing accidents at work  03/05/2011
Land Rover fined over accident at work risk  03/05/2011
Scaffold firm fined GBP 3k over accident at work in Bristol  03/05/2011
Those killed in accidents at work remembered in UK-wide ceremonies  28/04/2011
Firms fined after man injured in accident at work in London  28/04/2011
Whiplash injury sustained near Hartlepool  28/04/2011
Nestle Purina fined GBP 50k over work accident  27/04/2011
Waste company fined over fatal personal injury  27/04/2011
Katie Price suffers whiplash injury  27/04/2011
Woodworker fined over accident at work risk  26/04/2011
Accident at work leads to fine  26/04/2011
New BSC boss vows to reduce accidents at work  21/04/2011
Firm fined after man crushed to death in accident at work  21/04/2011
Accidents at work 'should be reported differently'  20/04/2011
Firm fined GBP 20k after man suffers burns in accident at work  20/04/2011
Fiesta passenger sustains whiplash injury in Cumbria  19/04/2011
Hampshire roofers fined over accident at work risk  19/04/2011
Farmers urged to take care and prevent accidents at work  19/04/2011
Whiplash injury sustained in Bury crash  18/04/2011
New guidance aims to cut accidents at work in mines  18/04/2011
Police officer sues over whiplash injury  18/04/2011
Gas fitter fined for accident at work risk  15/04/2011
Animal grain firm fined GBP 4k over accident at work  15/04/2011
Contractors fined for risking accident at work  15/04/2011
Firms fined GBP 400k over fatal accident at work  14/04/2011
Roofing firm fined after man broke back in accident at work  14/04/2011
Steel firm fined GBP40k over work accident  14/04/2011
Fines issued over accident at work  13/04/2011
Builder jailed over work accident risk  13/04/2011
Men injured in accident at work when scaffolding collapses  13/04/2011
Woman suffers suspected whiplash injury in crash  13/04/2011
Campaign to prevent work accidents launched  12/04/2011
Carpenter seeks compensation over accident at work  12/04/2011
Woman 'sustained whiplash injury in car accident'  12/04/2011
Soldier injured in work accident complains about compensation  11/04/2011
Firm fined GBP 5k over accident at work involving carbon monoxide  11/04/2011
Man injured in accident at work 'can keep GBP 580k payout'  11/04/2011
Roofing company fined over accident at work risk  08/04/2011
Police officers sustain whiplash injuries in car accident  08/04/2011
Firm fined after man's hand severed in accident at work  08/04/2011
Injured man gains right to make accident at work claim  07/04/2011
Garage director prosecuted over accident at work risk  07/04/2011
Food processing firm fined GBP 9k over accident at work  06/04/2011
Coventry construction firm fined over work accident risk  06/04/2011
Two men sustain suspected whiplash injuries in A127 crash  05/04/2011
Clay firm fined after man injured in accident at work  05/04/2011
Cheshire car parts firm fined over accident at work  04/04/2011
Farm business fined GBP 4k over accident at work  04/04/2011
Packing firm fined over accident at work risk  01/04/2011
Firm fined after man blinded in accident at work  01/04/2011
Lorry driver killed in accident at work results in GBP 53.3k pay out  31/03/2011
Councils fill potholes and prevent whiplash injuries  31/03/2011
Two whiplash injuries sustained in Durham car crash  30/03/2011
Factory owner fined GBP 3k over accident at work  30/03/2011
Taunton roofing firm fined GBP 4.5k over accident at work  30/03/2011
Wirral roofers fined over accident at work risk  29/03/2011
Aerospace firms fined over fatal accident at work  29/03/2011
10 Lincoln construction sites declared dangerous  28/03/2011
Telford construction firm fined over work accident  28/03/2011
Shropshire man fined over accident at work risk  28/03/2011
Recycling company fined GBP 4k over accident at work  28/03/2011
UK Hops Ltd fined GBP 3,500 over accident at work  25/03/2011
Car firm fined over death in accident at work  25/03/2011
Whiplash injury sustained in A31 collision  25/03/2011
Engineer seriously injured in accident at work  24/03/2011
Man speaks about accident at work  24/03/2011
HSE inspection cuts 'could increase accidents at work'  24/03/2011
Man sustains whiplash in collision in Bristol  23/03/2011
Construction workers invited to anti-accident at work events  23/03/2011
Construction company fined over accident at work  22/03/2011
Firm fined after man loses toe in accident at work  21/03/2011
Third of High Peak construction sites 'are very dangerous'  21/03/2011
Fine issued after boy injured in accident at work  21/03/2011
Company fined GBP 5k over accident at work  18/03/2011
Kent printers fined over accident at work risk  18/03/2011
Building contractors fined GBP 2k over scaffold collapse  18/03/2011
Man blinded following bodged gas fire repair  17/03/2011
Roofing firm fined over electrocution accident at work  17/03/2011
Surrey roofing firm fined over accident at work risk  17/03/2011
Four police officers sustain whiplash injuries in collision  17/03/2011
Personal injury results in fine for builder  16/03/2011
Lincolnshire firm fined for forklift accident at work  16/03/2011
Staged car crashes 'drive up cost of car insurance'  15/03/2011
Dutch firm fined GBP 60k over accident at work  15/03/2011
Free event aims to reduce accidents at work  15/03/2011
Cuts 'will result in fewer safety inspections'  14/03/2011
Some County Durham industrial estates 'put workers at risk'  11/03/2011
Almost 25% of construction sites in Newcastle 'are unsafe'  10/03/2011
Builders in Crewe to attend anti-accident at work event  09/03/2011
HSE: 168 people died from electrocution from 1996/97 to 2008/09  08/03/2011
HSE plans clampdown on accidents at work in Swansea  07/03/2011
Yeovil firm fined GBP 5,000 for accident at work  07/03/2011
Steel company fined GBP 20,000 for accident at work  04/03/2011
Driver and passenger suffer whiplash injuries in Hull  04/03/2011
Officer suffers whiplash injury  03/03/2011
Haulage partnership fined for accident at work risk  03/03/2011
Camilla meets whiplash injury sufferer  02/03/2011
Stoke firm fined for steeplejack accident at work  02/03/2011
Accident at work leaves building company with a GBP 1.5k fine  01/03/2011
Crane company fined GBP 8k for accident at work  01/03/2011
HSE to highlight risks of accidents at work  28/02/2011
Toilet roll company fined GBP 10k for accident at work  25/02/2011
Couple suffer whiplash injury after donkey accident  24/02/2011
Engineering firm sentenced over accident at work  24/02/2011
Firm fined GBP 5k for accident at work in Brighton  23/02/2011
Telford firm fined GBP 2,000 after accident at work  22/02/2011
Sub-contractor fined for accident at work  21/02/2011
HSE to visit Borders construction sites over accident at work risks  18/02/2011
Demolition firm fined GBP 1.5k over work danger  18/02/2011
Firm fined GBP 15k over accident at work risk in Worcester  18/02/2011
Farm worker injured in accident at work in Devon  18/02/2011
Teen suffers whiplash in car accident  18/02/2011
People with personal injuries 'should be prioritised'  17/02/2011
Woman sustains whiplash injury when car hits pothole  17/02/2011
HSE to prevent accidents at work in Wales  17/02/2011
O'Keefe Construction fined over accident at work involving teenager  17/02/2011
Construction workers invited to anti-accident at work event  17/02/2011
Intoxicated driver causes whiplash injury  16/02/2011
Derby waste transfer sites 'risk accidents at work'  16/02/2011
Manufacturing firm fined GBP 20k for risking accidents at work  16/02/2011
Police officers sustain whiplash injuries in car crash  15/02/2011
Scottish construction sites targeted by HSE  15/02/2011
Construction sites urged to prevent accidents at work  15/02/2011
Elderly woman sustains whiplash injury in road crash  14/02/2011
Cambridgeshire firm fined GBP 120k over accident at work  14/02/2011
Wimbledon firm fined GBP 15k over work accident risk  14/02/2011
Two firms fined GBP 7k over accident at work in County Durham  11/02/2011
Builder fined for putting employees at risk of accidents at work  11/02/2011
Hull food producer fined GBP 14k over two accidents at work  11/02/2011
Construction firm fined GBP 15k over accident at work  11/02/2011
Packaging firm fined GBP 5k over accident at work  10/02/2011
New govt proposals 'ignore those injured in accidents at work'  10/02/2011
Food firm fined over work accident  09/02/2011
Chemical company fined GBP 12k over accident at work  09/02/2011
Driver suffers whiplash injury in east Yorkshire car crash  09/02/2011
HSE to inspect Saltash industrial estates for work accident risks  09/02/2011
Age Concern fined over fatal personal injuries of pensioner  08/02/2011
Scottish farmers urged to attend anti-accident at work events  08/02/2011
Glazing firm fined GBP 2.5k over accident at work  08/02/2011
Food firm fined GBP 15k over accident at work  08/02/2011
Bedfordshire farmers to learn how to prevent accidents at work  07/02/2011
County Durham inspections seek to prevent accidents at work  04/02/2011
Tameside builders to attend anti-accident at work event  04/02/2011
Woman sustains whiplash injury in car accident  04/02/2011
Cardiff firm fined for failing to prevent accidents at work  04/02/2011
Lancashire businessman fined over accident at work  03/02/2011
Employer fined over burns accident at work  03/02/2011
Event to provide info on cutting accidents at work  02/02/2011
Steeplejack falls to death in accident at work  02/02/2011
HSE event to prevent bakery accidents at work  01/02/2011
Farmers to attend anti-accident at work event  01/02/2011
Man sustains whiplash injury in crash with Ferrari  31/01/2011
Construction firm fined over accident at work  31/01/2011
34 fines issued over accidents at work in December  31/01/2011
Man sustains whiplash injury in crash  28/01/2011
Man severs fingers in accident at work at bagel factory  28/01/2011
Construction boss fined GBP 5k over accident at work  27/01/2011
Firm fined after employee loses leg due to accident at work  27/01/2011
Farm employee injured in accident at work  26/01/2011
Many employers 'are not learning from accidents at work'  26/01/2011
Wigan manufacturer fined GBP 12.5k over accident at work  25/01/2011
Kebab meat firm fined over accident at work risk  25/01/2011
Motorists sustain whiplash injuries in Isle of Wight crash  24/01/2011
Five people receive whiplash injuries in bus smash  24/01/2011
Walsall firm fined over accident at work  21/01/2011
Property company 'put workers at risk of accidents at work'  21/01/2011
Man injured in accident at work involving scissor lift  21/01/2011
Demolition worker injured in accident at work  21/01/2011
Website launched to prevent port-based accidents at work  20/01/2011
Fines issued over personal injury risk  20/01/2011
Nursing home fined over patient death  19/01/2011
Farmers urged to attend anti-accident at work event  19/01/2011
Woman suffers whiplash injury in South Shields collision  18/01/2011
Construction firm fined GBP 4k for putting workers at risk  18/01/2011
Manchester builders urged to attend anti-accidents at work event  18/01/2011
Woman sustains whiplash injury in Hinchley Wood crash  17/01/2011
Window manufacturer fined GBP 5k for risk of accidents at work  17/01/2011
Rospa offers events to help prevent accidents at work  17/01/2011
Woman sustains whiplash injury in Worksop  14/01/2011
Litter picker injured in accident at work  14/01/2011
Quarry owner fined GBP £5k over accident at work  14/01/2011
HSE to visit Derbyshire waste sites to prevent accidents  14/01/2011
Egg packing firm fined over accident at work risk  14/01/2011
Rotherham firm fined over asbestos-related accident at work  13/01/2011
Firm fined GBP 12.5k after worker nearly loses arm  12/01/2011
Chester event aims to prevent accidents at work  12/01/2011
One dead and one injured in accident at work  12/01/2011
Teen to appear in court after causing whiplash injury  12/01/2011
Food packaging firm fined GBP 27.5k over work injury  11/01/2011
GBP 5k fine over paralysing accident at work  11/01/2011
Building contractor fined over health and safety failings  11/01/2011
Two firms fined over fall at work  10/01/2011
Building firm fined GBP 10k over accident at work  07/01/2011
Punch Taverns pays GBP 27k over fire safety failures  07/01/2011
Bus driver suffers whiplash injury in crash  06/01/2011
Scissor lifts 'should be checked daily to prevent accidents at work'  06/01/2011
Police appeal for witness of whiplash injury  05/01/2011
Torbay employers urged to take measures to prevent accidents at work  05/01/2011
Employers in Hartlepool urged to do more to prevent accidents at work  05/01/2011
Hundreds die in accidents at work involving vehicles on EU construction sites  04/01/2011
Revised guidance produced to prevent accidents at work  04/01/2011
Whiplash injury sufferer calls for road safety improvements  31/12/2010
16 claims for injury compensation at Lincolnshire schools 'have been made since 2005'  30/12/2010
Pub landlord injured in accident at work  30/12/2010
Calls for road safety improvements after double whiplash injury  29/12/2010
Motorist suffers whiplash injury in M11 crash  29/12/2010
Man who suffered whiplash injury receives GBP 6k compensation  24/12/2010
Takeaway owner fined for failing to insure staff against injury  24/12/2010
Policeman sustains whiplash injury in Wigan  23/12/2010
Contractor fined over unsafe building site  23/12/2010
Motorist makes compensation claim over whiplash injury  23/12/2010
Scottish farmer speaks about accident at work  23/12/2010
Packaging manufacturer fined GBP 50k over accident at work  23/12/2010
Two firms fined after man dies in accident at work  22/12/2010
Retail display firm fined GBP 80k over worker's death  22/12/2010
Motorists suffer whiplash injuries in A66 crash  22/12/2010
Woman suffers whiplash injury in Warrington car crash  22/12/2010
Every detail 'is important when looking to prevent an accident at work'  22/12/2010
Sawmilling company fined GBP 20k over accident at work  21/12/2010
Subcontractor breaks back in accident at work  21/12/2010
Witness of whiplash injury sought by police  20/12/2010
Man prosecuted for putting employees at risk of accidents at work  20/12/2010
BT fined GBP 300k over fatal accident at work  20/12/2010
Young woman suffers whiplash injury in hit-and-run  17/12/2010
25% of Brits 'wouldn't make injury claim over accident at work'  17/12/2010
Engineering firm fined GBP 30k over accident at work  16/12/2010
Businessman fined over risking accident at work  16/12/2010
Man receives GBP 500 injury compensation for accident at work  16/12/2010
Roofing firm owner fined after worker injured in accident at work  16/12/2010
HGV driver suffers whiplash injury in icy roads  15/12/2010
Scottish Power fined over fatal accident at work  15/12/2010
Firms and manager fined GBP 440k after man dies in accident at work  15/12/2010
Man suffers whiplash injury in Sedgefield car smash  15/12/2010
Firm fined over accident at work involving drilling machine  14/12/2010
Builder fined for putting employees' health at risk  13/12/2010
Man in court after van driver suffers whiplash injury  13/12/2010
Firm fined GBP 22.5k over factory worker's accident at work  13/12/2010
Pastor sustains whiplash injury in hit-and-run  10/12/2010
Woman with whiplash injury makes compensation claim  09/12/2010
Several people sustain whiplash injuries on winter roads  08/12/2010
Firm fined GBP 50,000 for arm injury  08/12/2010
Equipment manufacturer fined following accident at work  08/12/2010
Firm fined over accident at work at Heathrow Airport  07/12/2010
GBP 120k fine issued for crush injury  07/12/2010
Laminate flooring firm fined over accident at work  06/12/2010
Demolition firm fined GBP 8k over accident at work  03/12/2010
Scottish firm fined over accident at work  03/12/2010
Labour condemned for injury claim wait  02/12/2010
Snow 'puts lorry drivers at danger of accident at work'  02/12/2010
Driver suffers whiplash injury on winter roads  01/12/2010
Govt 'should protect employees from accidents at work'  01/12/2010
Girl makes injury claim over swimming pool accident  30/11/2010
Pub operator 'potentially open to injury claims over asbestos exposure'  30/11/2010
Oxfordshire firm fined over accident at work  30/11/2010
Construction firm puts men at risk of accident at work  30/11/2010
Builder sentenced over accident at work risk  30/11/2010
Teenage student put at risk of accident at work  29/11/2010
Man fined GBP 2k after young employee injured in accident at work  29/11/2010
Farm fined GBP 10k over accident at work  29/11/2010
Homebuilder fined over accident at work  26/11/2010
HSE makes unannounced visits to Manchester construction sites  26/11/2010
Woman awaits injury compensation after losing finger  25/11/2010
Construction firm fined over work injuries  25/11/2010
Firm fined over personal injury  25/11/2010
GBP 2.5m compensation claim made over boy's blinding  24/11/2010
Family launches compensation claim over holiday illness  23/11/2010
HSE helps those doing hot work to stay safe  23/11/2010
London firm fined after man's leg crushed in accident at work  23/11/2010
Firm fined after man crushed in accident at work  23/11/2010
Recycling firm fined GBP 230k over accident at work  22/11/2010
Disabled teen due seven figure sum in injury compensation  19/11/2010
Cyclist gains GBP 280k injuries compensation  19/11/2010
Student makes GBP 2m compensation claim against landlord  18/11/2010
Foam manufacturer fined over work injury  18/11/2010
Food firm fined GBP 4.7k over accident at work  18/11/2010
Construction firms fined over work injury  17/11/2010
Teen run over by police wins car accident compensation  17/11/2010
Heating company prosecuted after employee burned in accident at work  17/11/2010
Cyclist wins GBP2.4m in car accident compensation  16/11/2010
Norfolk firm fined for not protecting employees over work injuries  16/11/2010
Cumbrian construction bosses learn how to prevent work injuries  16/11/2010
Bishop encourages businesses to reduce work injuries  15/11/2010
HSE targets small construction sites  12/11/2010
Woman wins GBP 33k accident compensation from Bon Jovi staff  12/11/2010
Firms fined GBP 24.5k over electrician's work injury  11/11/2010
Landlord fined GBP 8k over employee's electrocution  11/11/2010
Teacher wins GBP 150k injury claim over voice loss  10/11/2010
Boss of refurbishment firm fined for lack of asbestos training  10/11/2010
Aeroplane parts firm fined over accident at work  10/11/2010
Tyre firm fined over accident at work  09/11/2010
Co Durham farmers offered advice on how to prevent accidents at work  09/11/2010
GBP 130,000 fine issued for fireball injury  08/11/2010
Foam manufacturer fined GBP 6k for broken back  08/11/2010
Pensioner considers compensation claim over broken wrists  05/11/2010
Office workers narrowly avoid injury in Preston  04/11/2010
Firm fined after worker snaps wrist in accident at work  04/11/2010
Firm fined GBP 120k over accident at work  03/11/2010
Woman wins GBP 3.5m in car accident compensation  03/11/2010
Cumbrian farmers to learn how to prevent accidents at work  03/11/2010
Merseyside head teacher fined over student's injury  02/11/2010
Roofing firm fined over endangering lives of workers  01/11/2010
Man wins compensation over holiday injury  01/11/2010
Construction: One of the UK's most dangerous industries  29/10/2010
Printing firm fined GBP 25k over personal injuries  29/10/2010
Couple win compensation over son's death  28/10/2010
Hospital pays out GBP 60k in compensation  28/10/2010
Companies fined over worker's death  27/10/2010
Pizza manufactures fined for safety breaches  27/10/2010
Roofer fined for putting workers at risk of accidents at work  27/10/2010
Farmer fined after worker loses limb in accident at work  27/10/2010
Woman who fell from window to seek injury lawyer advice?  26/10/2010
Burnley firm fined for noise exposure  25/10/2010
Traffic management firm fined for worker death  22/10/2010
Luton plumber prosecuted for illegal work  22/10/2010
Kent event aims to cut garage-related accidents at work  21/10/2010
Plumber prosecuted for risking health of customers  21/10/2010
Accidents at work to be avoided with help of new web tool?  21/10/2010
Street cleaner wins GBP 3k injury compensation  21/10/2010
Register of safety consultants to be created  20/10/2010
Work safety road show takes place in north-east  20/10/2010
Former PC wins GBP 1k compensation claim  19/10/2010
Drivers 'need to focus on winter road safety'  19/10/2010
Firm fined over family friend's injury at work  19/10/2010
Disabled teen wins millions in compensation over hospital blunder  19/10/2010
Fencing firm fined for putting staff in danger of injury  18/10/2010
Rubber hose firm fined GBP 12k over work injuries  18/10/2010
Plastics company fined after worker's arm caught in machine  18/10/2010
Recycling company fined GBP 5k over accident at work  18/10/2010
Firmed fined GBP 20k after man electrocuted at work  15/10/2010
Firm fined for failing to protect employees  14/10/2010
Some asbestos victims 'may struggle for compensation'  13/10/2010
NHS fined after employee is infected with hepatitis C  13/10/2010
Engineering firm fined over accident at work  13/10/2010
Companies fined after shop hoarding falls on family  13/10/2010
Phoenox Textiles fined GBP 12k over accident at work  12/10/2010
Oxygen-starved girl wins compensation  12/10/2010
Hospital to pay GBP 2m in compensation over brain injury  12/10/2010
Pub chain fined GBP 300k over carbon monoxide poisoning  11/10/2010
Firm fined after litter picker dies in accident at work  11/10/2010
Construction firm fined GBP 10k over death of worker  08/10/2010
Construction firm fined after teenager injured in accident at work  08/10/2010
Hit-and-run victim to be awarded injury compensation  07/10/2010
Govt cuts 'could lead to more injury compensation claims'  07/10/2010
Manufacturer fined GBP 16k after worker severs finger and thumb  06/10/2010
Owner of faulty fairground ride receives fine  06/10/2010
Caravan park fined GBP 15k over fatal fall  06/10/2010
Fine issued to packing firm over guillotine accident  05/10/2010
Council fined for putting worker's health at risk  05/10/2010
Hounslow company fined over accident at work  04/10/2010
New DVD launched to reduce airside accidents at work  01/10/2010
Chicken company fined over accident at work  01/10/2010
Walkers fined GBP 350k after man dies at work  30/09/2010
Newsprint firms fined GBP 35k after man requires leg amputation  30/09/2010
Glass maker fined over lead contamination  30/09/2010
Manufacturing company fined over worker's circular saw injury  29/09/2010
Engineering firm fined over accident at work  29/09/2010
Companies fined GBP 243,750 over offshore worker's injuries  28/09/2010
APIL: More needs to be done to help victims of accidents at work  28/09/2010
Construction firm fined GBP 160k over worker's death  28/09/2010
Teachers 'are worried about school trip compensation claims'  27/09/2010
Landlords fined GBP 6.5k for risking tenants' health  24/09/2010
Man wins GBP 4k from police in injuries compensation  23/09/2010
Brain damaged girl to gain injury compensation  23/09/2010
Home improvements firm fined GBP 5k  22/09/2010
Manufacturer fined GBP20k over former soldier's death  22/09/2010
Injuries sustained in food and drink manufacture fall 50%  21/09/2010
Agreement signed to prevent building site work accidents  21/09/2010
Roofer fined GBP 2k for unsafe work practices  20/09/2010
Dangers of drink and drugs at work highlighted  20/09/2010
Scottish fish farmers to learn how to prevent accidents at work  17/09/2010
Mother makes GBP 300k compensation claim after window injures baby  16/09/2010
Authorities told to improve safety of waste and recycling services  16/09/2010
MoD receives Crown Censure for asbestos exposure  15/09/2010
GBP 30k fines issued after man dies in accident at work  14/09/2010
Food manufacturer fined GBP 14k over accident at work  14/09/2010
Firm fined GBP 28,000 after man falls in accident at work  13/09/2010
Plumber 'put customers at risk of injury'  13/09/2010
GBP 33,000 fine issued to company over asbestos exposure  10/09/2010
Council facilities 'must ensure public are not at risk'  09/09/2010
Car repair firms fined GBP 4k for electrical risks  09/09/2010
Company fined GBP 14k after night watchman injured in accident at work  09/09/2010
Woman awarded compensation for injury at Corsley Show  08/09/2010
OAP receives GBP 7.5k in injury compensation  08/09/2010
Newcastle City Council fined GBP 12k over child's injury  08/09/2010
Teenager makes compensation claim over playground accident  07/09/2010
More than 20,000 'are killed in accidents at work each year'  07/09/2010
Building firm fined GBP 1k after man injures hand in accident at work  07/09/2010
Man risks injury compensation claims over unsafe inflatables  07/09/2010
School fined GBP 25k after death of man  06/09/2010
Woman offered compensation over exploding washing machine  06/09/2010
Wedding guests seek compensation after salmonella outbreak  06/09/2010
Bakeware firm fined GBP 10k over accident at work  06/09/2010
Woman contacts injury solicitors over whiplash claim  03/09/2010
Man set on fire wins GBP 4k in compensation  03/09/2010
Building company fined after worker falls 30ft  03/09/2010
Sawmilling firm fined GBP 28k over two separate accidents at work  02/09/2010
Farmers advised how to prevent accidents at work  02/09/2010
Company directors fined GBP 2k over accident at work  02/09/2010
MMR vaccine victim wins GBP 90k in compensation  01/09/2010
Housing developer fined GBP 30k over accident at work  01/09/2010
Injury lawyers seek compensation for paralysed teen  01/09/2010
Farming partnership fined GBP 13.5k over fatal accident  31/08/2010
Student nurse receives compensation for motorbike accident  31/08/2010
Injury compensation claims from oil rig workers to rise in number?  31/08/2010
Woman wins compensation over hospital blunder  27/08/2010
Man severely injured by falling panel saw  26/08/2010
Accident at work leaves man with long-term injuries  26/08/2010
Firm fined GBP 8k after man loses fingers in accident at work  25/08/2010
Building firm exposes staff to asbestos  25/08/2010
Warehouse worker wins GBP 12k compensation claim  24/08/2010
Oil worker makes GBP 1m injury compensation claim  24/08/2010
Shop fitting company fined for asbestos exposure  23/08/2010
Concrete company fined GBP 15k over accident at work  23/08/2010
Ship breaking company at risk of compensation claims?  20/08/2010
Onion packing firm fined GBP 6k  20/08/2010
Argyll and Bute Council fined GBP 20k over man's death  19/08/2010
Car crash woman makes GBP 500k compensation claim  19/08/2010
Farmers warned of gruesome injuries  19/08/2010
Pensioner makes compensation claim after slip on grass cuttings  18/08/2010
Crane firm narrowly avoids injury compensation claim  18/08/2010
Vehicle bodyshops 'need to do more to prevent compensation claims'  18/08/2010
Steeplejack firm fined GBP 8k over accident at work  17/08/2010
Construction firm fined GBP 8k over serious accident at work  17/08/2010
Boy who lost eye receives GBP 50k compensation  16/08/2010
Family to seek compensation after nearly-fatal labour errors?  16/08/2010
Manchester council pays out GBP 4m in compensation claims  16/08/2010
Family of disabled girl make compensation claim  13/08/2010
Somerset farmers advised how to prevent accidents at work  13/08/2010
Girl wins GBP 3k in injury compensation  12/08/2010
Quarry firm fined GBP 96k over fatal accident at work  12/08/2010
Building company fined over carbon monoxide exposure  11/08/2010
HSE warns of construction site dangers  11/08/2010
Conference to be held to reduce occupational road risks  10/08/2010
Construction firms fined after machine rolls onto main road  10/08/2010
Sheet metal company at risk of compensation claims?  09/08/2010
Man fined for putting customers at risk of gas-related injury  09/08/2010
Firm fined GBP 8k after worker falls 2m in accident at work  06/08/2010
Prison guard launches GBP 300k car accident compensation claim  06/08/2010
Opera singer seeks compensation claim of GBP 250k  06/08/2010
Distribution company fined GBP 200k over accident at work  06/08/2010
Building firm fined for unlicensed asbestos removal  05/08/2010
United Biscuits fined GBP 10k after woman loses fingers in accident at work  05/08/2010
GBP 3k awarded to woman with stone in sandwich  05/08/2010
Quarry operator fined after worker injured  04/08/2010
Two firms fined GBP 195k after man dies in accident at work  04/08/2010
Brothers fined GBP 13k after man's skull crushed at work  04/08/2010
Former airman awarded GBP 500k in car accident compensation  04/08/2010
Construction firm fined GBP 10k after man's leg crushed  03/08/2010
APIL: Holidaymakers should check insurance small print  03/08/2010
Firm at risk of potential injury compensation claims prosecuted by HSE  02/08/2010
Terror suspects 'could win compensation claims'  02/08/2010
Car firm fined GBP 30k over robot-related accident at work  30/07/2010
Woman receives GBP 3k after being given wrong medication  29/07/2010
Amputee wins GBP 250k injury compensation  28/07/2010
Firm fined GBP 4k after scaffolding collapses onto street  27/07/2010
Frozen veg supplier fined GBP 10k over accident at work  26/07/2010
Woman makes GBP 200k injury claim against police  23/07/2010
I2R Packaging Solutions fined GBP 10k after woman loses fingers in machine  22/07/2010
Peterlee firm fined GBP 15k after man has hand ripped off  21/07/2010
Pirelli fined GBP 9k after man breaks leg in accident at work  21/07/2010
Scaffolding firm fined GBP 3.5k over accident at work  21/07/2010
Man to claim compensation over police Taser mistake?  21/07/2010
Norovirus victims to win compensation from hotel?  20/07/2010
Grantham firm fined GBP 6.6k over accident at work  20/07/2010
Man wins compensation claim after road accident  19/07/2010
Firm fined GBP 10k after man loses part of finger in accident at work  19/07/2010
Car wash firm fined GBP 6,750 for failing to protect staff  16/07/2010
NHS Lothian pays out GBP 7m in compensation claims  16/07/2010
Woman makes compensation claim after son is electrocuted  16/07/2010
Fines totalling GBP 5k issued over accident at work  15/07/2010
Compensation claim made over pensioner death  15/07/2010
New mirror system aims to reduce road accidents  14/07/2010
Engineering company fined GBP 8k after man severs fingers in accident at work  14/07/2010
Man hit by motorbike awarded GBP 5.6m in compensation  14/07/2010
HPA fined GBP 25k for exposing staff to E. coli  14/07/2010
Woman wins compensation claim over road injury  14/07/2010
Compensation claim made over playground injury  13/07/2010
Plastics manufacturer fined GBP 140k over fatal accident at work  13/07/2010
Farming and haulage company fined GBP 21k over accident at work  13/07/2010
Brothers receive injury compensation from police  13/07/2010
Firm fined GBP 7k after man hit by fork-lift truck in accident at work  12/07/2010
Teenage apprentice breaks arm in accident at work  12/07/2010
Farmer fined GBP 1.6k over accident at work  12/07/2010
Machine supplier and university fined GBP 3,800 over accident at work  09/07/2010
Trainee bricklayer wins over GBP 1m in car accident compensation  09/07/2010
Comet fined GBP 75,000 over fatal accident at work  09/07/2010
Farm company fined GBP 3k after man falls 3m in accident at work  09/07/2010
Companies fined GBP 5.5k over injury at work  08/07/2010
Companies fined GBP 160k after man crushed to death in accident at work  08/07/2010
Relatives of man killed in bus crash make compensation claim  08/07/2010
Brighton construction company open to compensation claims?  07/07/2010
Teenager wins multimillion pound compensation claim  07/07/2010
APL celebrates 20 years of assisting compensation claims  07/07/2010
Carpentry company fined GBP 3k after man loses finger in accident at work  06/07/2010
Morgan Est plc fined GBP 12k after man loses foot in accident at work  06/07/2010
Food companies fined GBP 15k over accident at work  05/07/2010
Selby company fined GBP 3,250 over accident at work  05/07/2010
Amputee makes injury compensation claim  05/07/2010
Widow makes GBP 300k compensation claim  02/07/2010
Woman receives GBP 35k injury compensation from fairground inspectors  02/07/2010
Factory fined over accident at work in Ashton-under-Lyne  01/07/2010
Severely brain damaged girl wins GBP 4m injury compensation  30/06/2010
Paralysed man awarded GBP 650k in injury compensation  30/06/2010
Companies fined GBP 40k after roofer suffers accident at work  30/06/2010
Ayrshire Council fined GBP 56k over fatal accident at work  30/06/2010
Disabled boy successful in multimillion-pound compensation claim  30/06/2010
OAP awarded GBP 500 after being lowered into scalding bath  29/06/2010
Wolverhampton firm fined for risking work accidents  25/06/2010
Oldham developer places residents at risk of personal injury  25/06/2010
Inspections find farm workers at risk of personal injury  24/06/2010
Brick manufacturer fined after accident at work  24/06/2010
Quarry industry encouraged to maintain safety focus  23/06/2010
Cheshire recycling firm fined following accident at work  22/06/2010
Illegal gas fitter fined after personal injury  22/06/2010
Avoiding workplace injury 'is paramount'  21/06/2010
Safety scheme to prevent accidents at work  21/06/2010
Bakery directors fined for risking injuries at work  18/06/2010
Compensation awarded to victim of 'botched' knee operation  18/06/2010
Six-year-old receives substantial injury compensation  17/06/2010
NHS Trust fined GBP 50k over death of disabled patient  17/06/2010
Man awarded GBP 3,700 in injury compensation  16/06/2010
Essex County Council faces injury compensation claims  16/06/2010
Roofers fined for risking accidents at work  16/06/2010
Motor parts firm fined GBP 10k over accident at work  15/06/2010
Wheelchair-bound policeman makes compensation claim  15/06/2010
Operating at height 'can cause work injury'  14/06/2010
Gas appliances 'must be maintained' to prevent personal injury  14/06/2010
Gas fitter fined for potentially causing personal injury  14/06/2010
Shropshire sites warned about potential work injuries  14/06/2010
HSE helps to cut down on accidents at work  11/06/2010
Security firm fined GBP 7k over death of employee  10/06/2010
Mother and son seek injury compensation after load falls from crane  10/06/2010
Lift company fined GBP 20k over accident at work  09/06/2010
Family makes compensation claim over hospital death  09/06/2010
American Airlines fined GBP 70k over work injury  08/06/2010
Flowserve fined GBP 150k after man dies in accident at work  08/06/2010
Woman wins appeal over injury compensation claim  08/06/2010
Work injury 'is easily preventable'  07/06/2010
Accident at work leads to employee losing foot  07/06/2010
Food firm fined following finger injury  04/06/2010
Asbestos dangers 'should not be overlooked'  04/06/2010
Contractor fined for unsafe asbestos removal  04/06/2010
Fewer Boston builders to experience accidents at work?  04/06/2010
Disabled boy receives injury compensation for broken leg  04/06/2010
Man fined GBP 1k following an accident at work  03/06/2010
Vehicle hire company fined GBP 5k over accident at work  03/06/2010
Couple to win compensation after nightmare honeymoon  03/06/2010
Hair salons 'at risk of injury compensation claims'  02/06/2010
Premier League club fined after worker suffers 3m fall  02/06/2010
Accident at work leads to stationery firm fine  02/06/2010
Bed manufacturers advised on how to prevent work injuries  02/06/2010
Nottingham event to prevent work injuries  01/06/2010
Event to prevent accidents at work hailed a success  01/06/2010
Dangerous gas work results in company fine  28/05/2010
Work injury statistics 'a cause for concern'  28/05/2010
Safety event to reduce accidents at work in Scotland  27/05/2010
Factories 'must prevent accidents at work'  27/05/2010
Firm fined after accident at work  27/05/2010
Unregistered plumber avoids injury compensation claims  26/05/2010
Waste management company fined after man killed in accident at work  26/05/2010
Family make compensation claim over death of man in public toilet  26/05/2010
Injury claim risks reduced as safety improved in Hartlepool  25/05/2010
Company fined GBP 250k after man dies in accident at work  25/05/2010
Family awarded GBP 40k for GP's negligence  24/05/2010
Contractor fined GBP 7k after builder breaks back at work  24/05/2010
Dangerous heater 'may have caused work injury'  21/05/2010
Woman gets up to GBP 500k in car accident compensation  20/05/2010
Fines of GBP 15k issued after accident at work sees man fracture vertebrae  20/05/2010
1 in 3 Derbyshire construction companies 'at risk of compensation claims'  19/05/2010
Widow and skateboarder both make compensation claims after road accident  19/05/2010
GBP 26k injury compensation paid out over police dog attacks  18/05/2010
NHS fined GBP 75k after negligence causes patient's death  18/05/2010
Man wins GBP 1.45m in car accident compensation  18/05/2010
Roadshow aims to reduce accidents at work  17/05/2010
Man wins GBP 5.5k in injury compensation after accident on bus  17/05/2010
Man wins injury compensation claim after rescuing stranded woman  17/05/2010
Businesses urged to improve safety for those working at height  14/05/2010
MoD tries to stop GBP 1m compensation claim  14/05/2010
GBP 7,000 fine issued after man was injured in accident at work  14/05/2010
College and window cleaning company fined GBP 4,000 over work injury  13/05/2010
Telford confectionery company fined GBP 75k over work injury  13/05/2010
Car accident victim awarded millions in compensation  13/05/2010
Fishing boat operator fined GBP 7,000 over accident at work  12/05/2010
Building firms in Greater Manchester 'risk facing compensation claims'  12/05/2010
Landlord jailed after tenant suffers 'horrific' burns  12/05/2010
Family receive GBP 300k in car accident compensation  11/05/2010
Companies fined GBP 170k over accident at work  11/05/2010
Three firms fined GBP 170k after accident at work  10/05/2010
RoSPA event to prevent accidents at work  07/05/2010
Man uses injury compensation to buy bionic arm  07/05/2010
Dranson fined GBP 8k over accident at work  07/05/2010
CMA Tools fined GBP 1k after worker loses finger  07/05/2010
Npower fined GBP 8k over injury at work  07/05/2010
Cyclist seeks injury compensation from Devon County Council  06/05/2010
Parents of disabled boy win injury compensation  06/05/2010
New injury compensation system 'needs to be created'  06/05/2010
Teenager awarded "substantial" injury compensation  05/05/2010
OAP dragged 90ft by bendy bus seeks injury compensation  05/05/2010
Man receives GBP 17k for accident at work  05/05/2010
Bread manufacturer fined GBP 3.5k over work injury  04/05/2010
Company fined GBP 2k over accident at work  04/05/2010
Family of woman 'killed by asbestos' win compensation claim  30/04/2010
New streamlined injury compensation process introduced  30/04/2010
Great grandmother wins GBP 1k in injury compensation  30/04/2010
Ex-footballer in GBP 300k compensation claim  29/04/2010
Family of psychiatric patient wins compensation claim of GBP 10k  29/04/2010
Water company fined GBP 16k over work injury  29/04/2010
Farm fined GBP 20k over accident at work that resulted in death of employee  28/04/2010
Company fined GBP 3,000 for work injury involving electric shock  28/04/2010
New rules introduced to prevent work injuries from lasers  28/04/2010
Sweet company fined GBP300k over fatal work accident  27/04/2010
'Toxic' sofa victims win GBP20m in compensation  27/04/2010
Work injury suffered by farm employee in manure machine  26/04/2010
Surgeon faces medical negligence charges for 'balls up'  26/04/2010
Teenager awarded 'substantial' injury compensation  23/04/2010
Spinal injury patient seeks car accident compensation  23/04/2010
Man fined GBP15k after employee falls from roof  22/04/2010
Man wins GBP1.2k in compensation from police  22/04/2010
Accident claim judge climbs Esso refinery ladder to view scene of worker's fall  22/04/2010
Work injury causes permanent scarring to Wirral chemical factory employee  22/04/2010
Southend mum accused of stealing son's injury compensation  22/04/2010
Solicitor seeks GBP50k from Basildon Hospital.  21/04/2010
Manufacturing company fined GBP10k following work injury  21/04/2010
Recycling firm fined GBP 8k over work injury  20/04/2010
Midlands police pays out GBP1m in car accident compensation  20/04/2010
Hospital porter awarded work injury compensation  19/04/2010
Man wins GBP 23,300 compensation for asbestos exposure  19/04/2010
Family of man crushed to death seek compensation  16/04/2010
Brixton prisoner awarded GBP 4.7m following fall  16/04/2010
Bread manufacture fined GBP 6,000 over work injury  16/04/2010
Scrap metal yard fined GBP 200k after death of worker  15/04/2010
Parents of brain damaged girls seek GBP 300k compensation  15/04/2010
Bolton handyman makes injury claim  14/04/2010
Steelmaker fined GBP 240,000 after death of lorry driver  14/04/2010
Leeds City Council fined GBP 10,500 for endangering life of lorry driver  14/04/2010
Leicester residents to seek compensation for pothole injuries?  13/04/2010
British patients seek compensation for faulty knee replacements  13/04/2010
Construction firm fined GBP 250,000 following death of worker  12/04/2010
Housing association fined GBP 70,000 over death of security guard  12/04/2010
Care home company fined GBP 5,000 over Legionnaires' disease risk  12/04/2010
Black Country waste management firm fined over worker's fall  09/04/2010
HSE publishes newsletter hoping to increase safety in the workplace  09/04/2010
Woman disabled in road accident seeks GBP 300,000 in injury compensation  08/04/2010
Boy left disabled by hospital 'should receive substantial injury compensation'  08/04/2010
Man awarded 'substantial sum' in compensation following death of wife in hospital  07/04/2010
Family receive GBP 350,000 compensation after doctors fail to spot relative's deadly tumour  07/04/2010
Widow of melanoma sufferer seeks injury compensation  06/04/2010
GBP 173,000 injury compensation payout to West Sussex teacher  06/04/2010
Bury man to get payout after inhaling fumes  01/04/2010
Royal's friend seeks injury compensation  01/04/2010
GBP 7 million injury compensation for cerebral palsy girl  31/03/2010
MRSA case leads to GBP 1,200 injury compensation  31/03/2010
Llanelli firm charged over cladder's fall  30/03/2010
Landlord who hurt child forced to pay compensation  30/03/2010
GBP 350k payout after doctors fail to spot cancer  29/03/2010
Teen paralysed by surgery promised injury compensation  29/03/2010
Southend Hospital pays out GBP 30,000 in compensation  26/03/2010
Elderly woman hit by car seeks injury compensation  26/03/2010
Paralysed man awarded GBP 11 million in injury compensation  25/03/2010
'Record' injury compensation for disabled woman  25/03/2010
One in four Cumbrian building sites fail safety inspections  24/03/2010
Survivor of fatal crash bids for injury compensation  24/03/2010
Builder charged after two employees fall through stairwell  23/03/2010
Injury compensation awarded to blinded welder  23/03/2010
Question hangs over injury compensation in crash case  22/03/2010
Potholes cost Cumbria council GBP 600k  22/03/2010
Delivery driver compensated after back injury  19/03/2010
Patients seek injury compensation over botched surgery  19/03/2010
Workers hospitalised after inhaling lead paint  18/03/2010
'Toxic sofa' victims dealt injury compensation blow  18/03/2010
GBP 3.45 million injury compensation payout for brain-damaged woman  17/03/2010
Decorating firm fined over work injury that caused brain damage  17/03/2010
Newquay building firm fined after warnings  16/03/2010
Injury compensation for teacher who saved kids  16/03/2010
Injured biker to receive injury compensation and footie ticket for life  15/03/2010
Icy paths and roads could cost council in injury compensation  15/03/2010
Mother of hammer attack boy meets PM  12/03/2010
Companies warned after drill injury at work  12/03/2010
Ex-soldier backs injury compensation campaign  12/03/2010
Royal Mail prosecuted over fatal work injury  11/03/2010
Brain-damaged factory worker to receive GBP 1 million  11/03/2010
Builder fined for unsafe working at height  10/03/2010
APIL 'disappointed' over legal aid for bereaved families  10/03/2010
New system for small car accident claims goes before parliament  09/03/2010
Construction company fined after trench collapse  09/03/2010
Stafford Hospital faces hundreds of injury compensation claims  09/03/2010
Company prosecuted over drill injury  08/03/2010
Injury compensation for widow who lost son  08/03/2010
Teen to receive GBP 3.5m injury compensation over birth  08/03/2010
Company charged after worker crushed by metal  05/03/2010
PC to seek injury compensation over amputated leg  04/03/2010
Drive begins to secure compensation for hit and run victim  04/03/2010
Man launches injury compensation bid over wrong antibiotics  03/03/2010
Zookeepers give backing to safety campaign  03/03/2010
Govt pledge 'will benefit those with asbestos-related diseases'  02/03/2010
Steel firm fined following worker leg injury  02/03/2010
Was negligence behind Wandsworth prison salmonella outbreak?  02/03/2010
HSE to get tough on construction safety  01/03/2010
NW hospital trust pays out more than GBP 3 million  01/03/2010
Toxic sofa case 'could be biggest consumer action ever'  01/03/2010
Water company fined over crushed employee  26/02/2010
Footballer wins GBP 32k injury compensation payout  26/02/2010
Union calls for law change after dog attack  26/02/2010
Brain-injured crash victim wins full compensation  25/02/2010
Unguarded machinery 'could have cost employee a hand'  25/02/2010
Firm fined after employee falls through roof  25/02/2010
Holidaymakers seek injury compensation over 'nightmare' break  24/02/2010
Roofer fined for work injury risks  24/02/2010
Woman granted injury compensation after dog attack  24/02/2010
Tesco pays injury compensation to family of pensioner  23/02/2010
GBP 2.25m injury compensation for paralysed crash victim  23/02/2010
Cerebral palsy sufferer may be denied injury compensation  23/02/2010
Task force established to assess pushchair safety  22/02/2010
Injury compensation guaranteed to snowmobile accident woman  22/02/2010
Food supplier fined after employee's hand is crushed  19/02/2010
Dean Ashton pursuing injury claim  19/02/2010
Derbyshire farm worker fined for tractor driving death  18/02/2010
Czech woman has surgical instrument removed from amdomen  17/02/2010
Bakery prosecuted over a working at height accident  16/02/2010
Silica exposure 'could result in compensation claims'  16/02/2010
Perryman Properties 'contributed to unsafe conditions'  15/02/2010
Carillion JM Ltd fined GBP 185,000 after accident  15/02/2010
HSE course 'looks to reduce accidents in the workplace'  15/02/2010
Window cleaner backs campaign to reduce work injuries  12/02/2010
NI's thalidomide victims to get injury compensation  12/02/2010
Former footballer to seek injury compensation over crash  11/02/2010
Injury compensation payout for disabled girl  11/02/2010
Moy Park fined following crushed arm injury claim  11/02/2010
Car crash causes multiple injuries and deaths  11/02/2010
ABI raises concerns over ELIB proposals  10/02/2010
Family of crash victim will seek injury compensation  10/02/2010
Firm fined over painter's work injury  09/02/2010
Crane malfunction 'could have been fatal'  09/02/2010
Stonemason prosecuted over silica dangers  09/02/2010
Man awarded injury compensation after slip on ramp  08/02/2010
No injury compensation for biker hurt in collision  08/02/2010
Injury compensation for troops to be increased  08/02/2010
Girl awarded injury compensation over Erb's Palsy birth  05/02/2010
Student attacked with hammer denied injury compensation  05/02/2010
Fall at bottle making plant causes work injury  04/02/2010
Stadium project gets tops marks for work injury avoidance  04/02/2010
Joiner who fell 20 ft seeks injury compensation  03/02/2010
Injury compensation increased after ruling  03/02/2010
Mother 'will seek injury compensation' over daughter's crash  02/02/2010
Disabled boy wins injury compensation payout  02/02/2010
Farmer backs campaign to cut accidents at work in agriculture  01/02/2010
Roadworker's legs crushed by steam roller accident at work  01/02/2010
Slips and trips cost lives, says HSE  01/02/2010
Disabled teenager awarded GBP 5.6m injury compensation  01/02/2010
Injury compensation ends decades of fighting for justice  01/02/2010
Bristol firm put workers at risk of asbestos exposure  29/01/2010
Construction firm fined over fatal fall  29/01/2010
Injury compensation payout over faulty body armour  29/01/2010
Man assaulted and run over seeks injury compensation  28/01/2010
Family receive compensation over death of baby  28/01/2010
Woman awaits injury compensation verdict over snowmobile crash  28/01/2010
Compensation payout for man with brain injury since birth  27/01/2010
Injury compensation proposals welcomed by BSC  27/01/2010
Firm fined over fatal Heathrow work injury  26/01/2010
'Failings' led to girl's brain injury  26/01/2010
Brain-damaged schoolgirl wins GBP 6.5m injury compensation  26/01/2010
Farmers urged to avoid work injuries  25/01/2010
Injury compensation for 3mph crash  25/01/2010
Man born with cerebral palsy to receive injury compensation  25/01/2010
Care homes warned after teenager's fatal burns injury  22/01/2010
Councillor seeks injury compensation for ice fall  22/01/2010
Family seeks witnesses in asbestos injury compensation hope  21/01/2010
Injury compensation for police worker who was shot  21/01/2010
Brain-injured man to oppose injury compensation appeal  21/01/2010
BAE Systems fined after explosion causes fatal work injury  20/01/2010
Man to seek injury compensation over mother's death  20/01/2010
Actress wins injury compensation after falling in Irons' suite  20/01/2010
Compensation payout for postwoman attacked by dog  19/01/2010
Injury compensation for victims of terror abroad  19/01/2010
Erb's palsy sufferer receives record injury compensation  18/01/2010
Biker with crushed foot wins partial injury compensation  18/01/2010
Holiday parks to be given safety advice  18/01/2010
Thalidomide victims get apology and injury compensation  15/01/2010
Construction firm fined after death of worker  15/01/2010
Construction firm fined after telehandler tips  14/01/2010
GBP 6,250 in injury compensation for pothole-hit cyclist  14/01/2010
Marks & Spencer faces asbestos charges  14/01/2010
Paralysed passenger receives huge injury compensation  13/01/2010
Employee loses four fingers in guillotine accident  12/01/2010
Owner of vicious dog given injury compensation bill  12/01/2010
Injury compensation paid to aircraft painter  12/01/2010
Asbestos victims 'are having injury compensation snatched back'  11/01/2010
GBP 1.1 million injury compensation for man hit by car  11/01/2010
Pavement trip could bring injury compensation  08/01/2010
GBP 1,500 injury compensation bill for nightclub scuffle  08/01/2010
Man considers injury compensation claim over wife's death  07/01/2010
North-east hospitals pay out GBP 40 million in injury compensation  07/01/2010
Slip on ice prompts injury compensation claim  06/01/2010
ODA celebrates work injury success  06/01/2010
Builder awarded injury compensation after horrific ordeal  05/01/2010
Police seek injury compensation over radio claims  05/01/2010
Potholes 'could bring flood of injury compensation claims'  05/01/2010
30 people seek injury compensation from Preston Council  04/01/2010
MP calls for injury compensation review  04/01/2010
Safety 'should be new year's resolution for companies'  31/12/2009
Winter pot holes 'could see surge in injury compensation claims'  31/12/2009
Injury compensation paid to widow of lorry cleaner  31/12/2009
Injury compensation payout for brain-damaged truck driver  30/12/2009
Welsh schools pay out GBP 225,000 in injury compensation  30/12/2009
Pub owner fined over missing handrail after customer slips  29/12/2009
Unison wins GBP 28m in injury compensation for members  29/12/2009
HSE emphasises importance of 'real work health and safety'  24/12/2009
Petrol leak leads to fine for fuel firm  23/12/2009
Nightclub attacker given injury compensation bill  23/12/2009
Work injury causes several broken bones  22/12/2009
Injury compensation paid out over 'unnecessary' surgery  22/12/2009
Undiagnosed virus leads to injury compensation payout  22/12/2009
Injury compensation expected for horrific lorry incident  21/12/2009
Work injury causes broken leg in Bedfordshire  21/12/2009
Unguarded pit 'caused death of labourer'  18/12/2009
GBP 3.32m injury compensation for Asperger's man  18/12/2009
Construction firms warned to 'wrap up safe'  17/12/2009
Erb's Palsy sufferer awarded GBP 75k injury compensation  17/12/2009
Tragic farm death 'should have been avoided'  16/12/2009
Asbestos widow pursues injury compensation claim  16/12/2009
Firm fined over mixer machine injury  15/12/2009
Injury compensation paid after hospital errors  15/12/2009
Golfer seeks injury compensation after shower slip  15/12/2009
Coventry woman to receive GBP 90,000 over bus crash  14/12/2009
GBP 450,000 injury compensation for engineer who lost leg  14/12/2009
Barnsley accident-prone surgeon 'still working for NHS'  11/12/2009
Rospa highlights Christmas personal injury danger of televisions  10/12/2009
CQC offers new guidance on medical compensation claims  10/12/2009
Biker pursues injury compensation claim against police  09/12/2009
Parents seek injury compensation over Maclaren buggies  09/12/2009
Construction firm prosecuted over employee death  09/12/2009
Injury compensation for women affected by 'botched' breast surgery  08/12/2009
Boiler explosion prompts safety warnings  08/12/2009
Boy hurt in nursery fall wins injury compensation  08/12/2009
Sellafield fined over radiation exposure  07/12/2009
Woman's car hit by falling debris from lorry  07/12/2009
Man seeks injury compensation for pavement fall  07/12/2009
GBP 280,000 injury compensation for latex allergy  04/12/2009
Injury compensation awarded to brain-damaged man  04/12/2009
Work injury leaves man unconscious for two days  03/12/2009
Owner of faulty fairground ride fined  03/12/2009
Father seeks injury compensation for son's horrific eye accident  03/12/2009
Rugby player turned lawyer vows to help injury compensation cases  02/12/2009
GBP 20,000 injury compensation for hair dye horror  02/12/2009
Hollyoaks star could face injury compensation bill  02/12/2009
Train drivers receive compensation for work injury  01/12/2009
Family awarded injury compensation for asbestos victim  01/12/2009
Driver seeks compensation for leg injury  01/12/2009
GBP 200k injury compensation for disabled paramedic  30/11/2009
Brain-damaged woman to receive GBP 3 million in injury compensation  30/11/2009
Potters to claim compensation for industrial hearing loss  27/11/2009
Lecturer hit by tree awarded injury compensation  27/11/2009
Search for diver's widow who may be in line for injury compensation  26/11/2009
Man kicked by horse awaits injury compensation ruling  26/11/2009
Brain-damaged girl receives injury compensation from hospital  25/11/2009
GBP 3.2 million in injury compensation for meningitis error  25/11/2009
Fatal scaffolding work injury prompts safety warnings  24/11/2009
Lorry driver secures GBP 86k in injury compensation  24/11/2009
Scaffolding firm fined after worker fell ten metres  23/11/2009
Mine worker refused injury compensation  23/11/2009
Snail in ginger beer 'paved the way for injury compensation claims'  20/11/2009
Man hit by van seeking injury compensation  20/11/2009
Pub attacker given injury compensation bill  19/11/2009
Photographer injured by grenade seeks injury compensation  19/11/2009
Toddler injured at Flamingo Land  18/11/2009
Pensioner seeks injury compensation for barrier incident  18/11/2009
School worker awarded injury compensation for damaged back  17/11/2009
Brain-damaged student can claim injury compensation  17/11/2009
Construction firm fined after wall causes work injury  16/11/2009
Property developer fined for dangerous work environment  16/11/2009
Apple picker gets injury compensation for severed fingers  16/11/2009
Tourists may receive injury compensation after bus crash  13/11/2009
Family of beaten toddler wins right to claim injury compensation  13/11/2009
Father 'ignored' by buggy manufacturer  12/11/2009
Parents of cerebral palsy child fight for injury compensation  12/11/2009
Stone firm fined after driver loses arm  12/11/2009
Work injury in Gateshead causes wrist fracture  11/11/2009
Firm fined after three hurt in offal explosion  11/11/2009
Icy road crash victim launches landmark injury compensation claim  11/11/2009
Thalidomide victim 'deserves more help'  10/11/2009
GBP 780k injury compensation for man with crushed head  10/11/2009
Two firms fined over Heathrow collapse  09/11/2009
Boy with damaged arm receives GBP 270k injury compensation  09/11/2009
Firms may face tougher penalties for work injury  09/11/2009
Multi-million pound injury compensation for brain-damaged girl  06/11/2009
Man hurt in football match loses injury compensation appeal  06/11/2009
Food factory employees loses fingers in work injury  05/11/2009
Pet food co fined after fatal work injury  05/11/2009
Paralysed teenager seeks injury compensation  05/11/2009
Blind schoolgirl awarded GBP 1.5 million in injury compensation  04/11/2009
Injury compensation promised for brain-damaged twin  04/11/2009
Swansea council pays out over GBP 800,000 for trips  04/11/2009
Asda denies liability for car damage  03/11/2009
Holiday crash victim launches GBP 300k injury compensation claim  03/11/2009
Pub attacker handed GBP 1,800 injury compensation bill  03/11/2009
Asbestos widow backs new safety campaign  02/11/2009
Funfair ride injured girl, 12  02/11/2009
Hospital worker secures injury compensation payout  02/11/2009
Landlords urged to keep gas appliances in check  30/10/2009
Woman wins injury compensation payout for father's death  30/10/2009
MoD invites feedback on injury compensation rules  30/10/2009
Attacked police officer launches injury compensation claim  30/10/2009
Marlon King gets injury compensation bill for attack  30/10/2009
Demolition boss fined after employee breaks spine  29/10/2009
Work injury killed Watford construction employee  29/10/2009
Essex PCT fined after patient falls from window  29/10/2009
Brain-injured student seeks injury compensation from council  29/10/2009
Asbestos warning after Stockport firm fined  28/10/2009
Boy to receive injury compensation for birth mistakes  28/10/2009
Woman hurt in crowdsurfing incident seeks injury compensation  28/10/2009
Teenager with cerebral palsy wins injury compensation cash  27/10/2009
Engineering firm fined after fatal explosion  27/10/2009
Motorbiker launches GBP 250,000 injury compensation claim  26/10/2009
Paperboy hurt in crash to receive injury compensation  26/10/2009
Haringey Council fined over mobility scooter death  26/10/2009
Hammer attack review 'was deeply flawed'  23/10/2009
Pub attacker must pay injury compensation  23/10/2009
Police constable awarded major injury compensation payout  22/10/2009
Two employees suffer work injuries from power line shock  22/10/2009
Care home told to pay GBP 4,200 in injury compensation  22/10/2009
Superhero bar brawl ends in injury compensation bill  21/10/2009
Businesses 'have a legal requirement to manage risk'  21/10/2009
Terror victims 'may receive more injury compensation'  20/10/2009
Worker to sue Morrisons for facial injury  20/10/2009
Stay safe at height to avoid work injury, HSE says  19/10/2009
Brain-damaged woman wins multimillion-pound compensation claim  16/10/2009
Art pupil sues for loss of fingers  15/10/2009
Fatal work injury 'was not an isolated incident'  14/10/2009
GBP 7.1 million injury compensation awarded to brain-damaged boy  14/10/2009
Bus fall man wins GBP 1.3m injury compensation  13/10/2009
Soldiers may get more injury compensation in future  13/10/2009
Horrific plaster of Paris injury prompts safety warnings  12/10/2009
Builders' merchant employee suffers serious work injury  12/10/2009
Motorcyclist struck by trailer arm in Great Altcar  09/10/2009
Family of tragic car crash victim awarded injury compensation  09/10/2009
Nightclub attacker given GBP 750 injury compensation bill  09/10/2009
GBP 300 injury compensation payout for dog attack  08/10/2009
Bottle attack leads to GBP 1,500 injury compensation  08/10/2009
Cyclist launches GBP 18m injury compensation claim  07/10/2009
Injury compensation payout branded "a joke"  07/10/2009
Fresh safety warnings after two preventable incidents  06/10/2009
Vehicle spraying employee crushed in tragic work injury  06/10/2009
Firm fined after employee loses fingertips in work injury  05/10/2009
Toxic sofa victims await injury compensation ruling  05/10/2009
Safety warnings after factory worker loses parts of fingers  02/10/2009
Fall at power station causes serious work injury  02/10/2009
Council worker to receive injury compensation cash  01/10/2009
Roofer sustains work injuries after falling seven metres  01/10/2009
Injury compensation sought for young girl after pavement trip  30/09/2009
Engineer seeks injury compensation after crushing accident  30/09/2009
Chip shop slip leads to injury compensation payout  29/09/2009
Refuse collector's GBP 57,000 injury compensation payout  29/09/2009
Bus driver awarded injury compensation after crash  28/09/2009
Family wins GBP 52,000 in injury compensation for electric shock  28/09/2009
Rugby player gets injury compensation for match attack  25/09/2009
Injury compensation claims 'could favour cyclists'  25/09/2009
Health warnings after dermatitis risks at NHS Trust  25/09/2009
Work injury in Hampshire causes fractured pelvis  24/09/2009
Soldiers launch helicopter crash injury claim  24/09/2009
Slippery road leads woman to seek car accident compensation  24/09/2009
Road rule proposals 'could make motorists automatically liable'  23/09/2009
ASA 'wrong to uphold asbestos complaint'  23/09/2009
HSE launches campaign to protect Polish workers  23/09/2009
Road accident compensation 'could be given quicker'  23/09/2009
Welsh hospitals ’need personal injury advertising’  22/09/2009
Toxic sofa victims await payment  22/09/2009
Rok fined over Heathrow worker fall  22/09/2009
HSE warns of duty to protect vulnerable people  21/09/2009
Unsuitable road layout lands motorcyclist in hospital  21/09/2009
Gran seeks injury compensation after pavement fall  18/09/2009
Two fatal injuries prompt safety warnings  18/09/2009
Forklift truck work injury 'could have been fatal'  17/09/2009
No injury compensation yet for Redbridge pavement trip  17/09/2009
Construction firms urged to tighten up on work injuries  16/09/2009
Mother wins injury compensation payout from Snowdome  16/09/2009
Blake attack victim to receive injury compensation  15/09/2009
Joiner falls four metres from school building  15/09/2009
HSE to outline new safety strategy at TUC conference  14/09/2009
Falling fireplace almost kills toddler  14/09/2009
Hero lifeboatman awarded injury compensation  11/09/2009
Fatal work injury prompts transport safety warning  11/09/2009
14-year-old boy injured on work experience  10/09/2009
Welder receives electric shock in Whaplode  10/09/2009
Mother vows to get compensation for brain-damaged daughter  09/09/2009
Dermatitis 'is a real workplace risk'  09/09/2009
Family receive compensation payout for 'mystery accident'  09/09/2009
Man hurt in surgery to receive injury compensation  08/09/2009
Staffordshire man shocked by overhead cables  08/09/2009
GBP 2,000 injury compensation for cyclist who took a spill  07/09/2009
HAVS sufferer gets GBP 8,500 injury compensation payout  07/09/2009
Pete Burns claims GBP 450K injury compensation cash  07/09/2009
Butcher's work injury prompts safety warnings  04/09/2009
Bupa fined over patient fall  04/09/2009
Sofa blister victim hopes for injury compensation  04/09/2009
Father seeks injury compensation after Big Dipper crash  03/09/2009
Wedding attack victim receives injury compensation payout  03/09/2009
Company fined after worker's foot crushed  02/09/2009
Warehouse worker receives injury compensation  02/09/2009
Injury compensation awarded after horrific dog attack  02/09/2009
Widow finally wins asbestos compensation  01/09/2009
Improvement notices 'must not be ignored'  01/09/2009
EDF payout leads to working at height warning  01/09/2009
Bus crash victim seeks injury compensation  01/09/2009
Injury compensation payout for student who fell in bar  01/09/2009
Police officer receives GBP 2,000 in injury compensation  28/08/2009
Teenager who won brain injury compensation celebrates exam success  28/08/2009
Ilkley food poisoning victims seek injury compensation  28/08/2009
Car accident compensation awarded to Hampton woman  27/08/2009
Honeymoon couple seek injury compensation  27/08/2009
Exploding iPhones could mean injury compensation claims  27/08/2009
Couple seek compensation after holiday attack  26/08/2009
Sports centre worker receives GBP 50k for back injury  26/08/2009
Councils pay GBP 1m each in pavement injury compensation  26/08/2009
Scaffolder death prompts safety calls  26/08/2009
Rochdale NHS Trust paid GBP 11m compensation bill  25/08/2009
Schools face compensation bills over playground injuries  25/08/2009
Injury compensation sought after motorist loses teeth  25/08/2009
Safety event aims to cut out work injuries  25/08/2009
Glyndebourne opera singer Ana Maria Martinez injured in pit fall  24/08/2009
Drivers urged to fuel-watch on motorways  21/08/2009
Widow seeks compensation for hospital delays  20/08/2009
Mother awaiting compensation is grateful to BTA  19/08/2009
Employers warned of work injury risks at height  19/08/2009
Man seeking compensation after terrifying shop crash  18/08/2009
Cumbrian hospitals' compensation payouts revealed  18/08/2009
Teacher seeks cliff fall injury compensation  17/08/2009
Caretaker wins compensation after suffering hernia  17/08/2009
'Time running out' for injury compensation claim  14/08/2009
Driver awarded GBP 7,000 injury compensation for broken finger  14/08/2009
Miners await injury compensation update  13/08/2009
Pleasure Beach crash may prompt injury compensation claims  13/08/2009
Illegal gas fitting 'costs lives'  12/08/2009
Baby P father seeks injury compensation  12/08/2009
Soldier awarded injury compensation for hearing loss  11/08/2009
Campaign launched to protect bar staff from violence  11/08/2009
Prosecution prompts fresh asbestos warning  10/08/2009
Council employee gets GBP 10,000 compensation for back injury  10/08/2009
Ex-soldier 'betrayed' by MoD compensation  07/08/2009
Injury compensation sought for brain damaged man  07/08/2009
Legionella surveys 'must be accurate'  06/08/2009
GBP 2,500 injury compensation charge for violent attack  06/08/2009
Offshore working 'shows safety improvements'  05/08/2009
Pensioner's disappointed by asbestos compensation claim  05/08/2009
Family of drowned man may seek injury compensation  05/08/2009
Tragic deaths prompt safety warnings  04/08/2009
Compensation cash 'does not take trauma into account'  04/08/2009
HSE reminds farmers to 'stop and think' during harvest season  03/08/2009
Royal Marine holds out for more MoD compensation  03/08/2009
Industrial worker suffers cracked ribs in machine injury  31/07/2009
GBP 2,500 compensation for violent attack  31/07/2009
GBP 580,000 compensation for tragically killed cyclist  31/07/2009
Corby families win right to seek birth defects compensation  31/07/2009
Health and safety 'is a priority'  30/07/2009
GBP 18k compensation payout for broken leg  30/07/2009
Pensioner will not give up on wife's compensation battle  30/07/2009
Man seeks compensation for rock fall injuries  30/07/2009
Drive to cut work injury continues in Lancashire  29/07/2009
Worker severs finger on unguarded machinery  29/07/2009
Work injury causes permanent damage to employee's hand  29/07/2009
Veteran brands military compensation row 'disgusting'  29/07/2009
Farmers urged to tighten up health and safety  28/07/2009
Mechanic seeks injury compensation after nearly losing arm  28/07/2009
Company fined after workers catch Legionnaires' disease  28/07/2009
Two men killed in Herefordshire work accident  27/07/2009
MoD criticised over soldiers' compensation claims  27/07/2009
Fall from height prompts safety calls  24/07/2009
John Major: 'Troops are let down by compensation system'  24/07/2009
Tragic death prompts safety warnings  23/07/2009
Compensation sought after fence injury  23/07/2009
Millions paid out for clinical negligence in Essex  23/07/2009
Two jailed after tragic work injury  22/07/2009
MoD uses surveillance to check compensation claims  22/07/2009
Violent crime victims could see compensation cut  22/07/2009
Construction worker paralysed after severe work injury  21/07/2009
Norfolk mother may seek compensation over son's injury  21/07/2009
Biker begins compensation claim against Suzuki  21/07/2009
Hybrid cars 'can kill engineers'  20/07/2009
GBP 175,000 for asbestos sufferer  20/07/2009
'Wrongful birth' may lead to compensation for mother  17/07/2009
Answers sought over hospital compensation claims  17/07/2009
Young people 'are at higher risk of work injuries'  17/07/2009
Compensation sought for bus injury  16/07/2009
Soldier wins compensation for car crash  16/07/2009
Father to receive compensation for hospital blunders  15/07/2009
Grandmother faces frustration in compensation claims  15/07/2009
'Inadequate guards' led to serious work injury  15/07/2009
Parents ordered to repay compensation for son's tragic death  14/07/2009
Welder to receive GBP 37,000 payout  14/07/2009
GBP 3 million compensation for birth injuries  14/07/2009
Injured biker can seek compensation  13/07/2009
Royal Marine seeks to sue MoD over cold injury  13/07/2009
Pensioner seeks compensation from 'careless driver'  10/07/2009
MoD faces compensation claims for cold injuries  10/07/2009
Firms warned after worker falls from truck  09/07/2009
Injured cyclist may get GBP 4m compensation  09/07/2009
Farmer's wife damaged leg at safety workshop  08/07/2009
Brain-damaged boy in line for compensation  07/07/2009
Ambulance driver uses compensation payout to retrain  06/07/2009
Company fined after worker falls ten metres  06/07/2009
GBP 3,000 compensation for broken ankle  03/07/2009
Council paid GBP 220,000 compensation since 2003  03/07/2009
Man seeks compensation for 30ft fall  02/07/2009
Engineer begins MoD compensation battle  02/07/2009
GBP 2 million awarded following brain injury  01/07/2009
Army officer to be compensated for jump injury  01/07/2009
Employee loses foot in work injury  01/07/2009
Renault mechanic receives work accident compensation  30/06/2009
Two firms fined after forklift driver's death  30/06/2009
Wife appeals for witnesses to compensation case  30/06/2009
Heir awarded GBP 1 million in compensation  30/06/2009
Surrey man seeks GBP 300,000 car accident compensation  29/06/2009
Employers 'take work injuries more seriously'  29/06/2009
Crane company fined for double fatality  26/06/2009
Building firm fined after work injury  26/06/2009
Nine employees killed at work in the north-east  25/06/2009
Manchester aerospace company fined  25/06/2009
Company fined after worker falls in shredder  24/06/2009
Man gets GBP 2,000 compensation after ear bitten off  24/06/2009
Former Man Utd player gets GBP 4.5m compensation  23/06/2009
Teacher seeks compensation for tree injury  23/06/2009
Holidaymakers awarded GBP 2.5m compensation  22/06/2009
Welsh hospital negligence claims rise  22/06/2009
Kettering animal feed firm fined for worker injury  19/06/2009
Widow seeks compensation for South Africa death  19/06/2009
Soldier forced to quit gets compensation  18/06/2009
Footballer wins compensation claim  18/06/2009
Government to give "miner's knee" compensation  17/06/2009
'Trench foot' soldiers claim compensation from MoD  17/06/2009
Man gets compensation for hand vibration injury  16/06/2009
Personal injury claim statistics revealed  16/06/2009
Stockport woman wins compensation claim  15/06/2009
Injury compensation awarded for restaurant slip  12/06/2009
Student sues school after fall from window  12/06/2009
Packaging firm fined after employee loses finger  11/06/2009
'Substantial' compensation awarded to crash victim  11/06/2009
'Pain measuring technique' may affect compensation claims  10/06/2009
Mother's GBP 1 million compensation victory  10/06/2009
Quad bike crash 'could have been more serious'  10/06/2009
Car crash family await injury compensation  09/06/2009
'Inadequate emergency procedures' led to silo worker's death  08/06/2009
No compensation yet for cement-sprayed drivers  08/06/2009
Coach crash victim launches injury compensation claim  08/06/2009
Employee loses fingers in machine injury  05/06/2009
Nuclear veterans win right to claim  05/06/2009
Injury compensation for knife attack victim  04/06/2009
Compensation payout for carpenter who broke ribs  04/06/2009
'Preventable' work injury caused broken leg  03/06/2009
Welsh hospital pays out nearly GBP 500,000  03/06/2009
Council pays 'substantial' injury compensation  02/06/2009
Quarry employee suffers work injury in Northumberland  02/06/2009
Hero fireman launches injury compensation claim  01/06/2009
Coventry firm fined after employee loses finger  01/06/2009
Biffa made to pay compensation after fatal incident  01/06/2009
Working at height 'can be deadly'  29/05/2009
Injury compensation paid out to swimmer  29/05/2009
GBP 270k compensation for Heathrow fall  29/05/2009
Work injury 'could have killed automotive employee'  28/05/2009
GBP 1,200 compensation for knife attack  28/05/2009
Compensation payout for violent assault  28/05/2009
Cab crash 'may have been caused by police car'  27/05/2009
GBP 5.75m injury compensation for misdiagnosis  27/05/2009
Tread carefully to avoid work injury  27/05/2009
Demolition worker suffers work injury in Berkshire  26/05/2009
GBP 2,000 compensation bill for drunken attack  26/05/2009
Injury compensation for 'bungled births'  22/05/2009
Garage fined for child's injuries  22/05/2009
HSE warns to 'ensure inspectors are genuine'  21/05/2009
Teenager launches claim for 'horrific' attack  21/05/2009
Compensation sought by playground injury victim  21/05/2009
Paralysed rugby player begins injury claim  15/05/2009
GBP 1.45 million awarded for birth-related injuries  15/05/2009
Contractor fined after worker required amputation  14/05/2009
MP backs cycling safety campaign  13/05/2009
Campaign launched to ensure safe aerial installations  13/05/2009
Pensioner considering injury claim after hospital fall  12/05/2009
'Preventable' work injury left employee paralysed  12/05/2009
GBP 10k compensation for factory worker who trapped arm  12/05/2009
Compensation expected for injured schoolboy  11/05/2009
Injury compensation payout for brain-damaged labourer  11/05/2009
Photographer wins compensation for botched nose job  08/05/2009
Engineering worker received injury compensation for HAVS  08/05/2009
Goldie lodges GBP 3k injury compensation claim  07/05/2009
Compensation victory son raises funds for soldiers  07/05/2009
Over 1,000 pothole claims against council since 2004  07/05/2009
British police 'cause nine crashes per day'  06/05/2009
Man gets compensation after pin left in hip  06/05/2009
Firm prosecuted for 'inexcusable' fall from height  06/05/2009
Compensation award for amputated leg  05/05/2009
Sunbed guidelines designed to increase tanning safety  01/05/2009
GBP200 compensation bill for Norwich crash  01/05/2009
Printing firms fined for chemical injuries  30/04/2009
Emmerdale star pays compensation for assault  30/04/2009
GBP85k compensation payout for protesters  30/04/2009
Motorcyclist faces compensation bill for drunken crash  30/04/2009
Brain damaged man wins GBP1 million compensation  29/04/2009
Work injury ends in tragedy at auto company  29/04/2009
Firms 'failing' on workplace accidents  29/04/2009
Worker launches GBP2m compensation claim  29/04/2009
Injured worker marks International Workers' Memorial Day  28/04/2009
GBP300k pothole compensation for Worcestershire drivers  27/04/2009
Asbestos compensation 'may be a step closer'  27/04/2009
GBP10k fine for building collapse  27/04/2009
Compensation payout for unprovoked attack  24/04/2009
Construction worker launches GBP250k claim for spine injury  24/04/2009
Building sites 'risk injury compensation claims'  23/04/2009
Bank worker gets £9k compensation  23/04/2009
Pileup leads to council compensation claims  22/04/2009
GBP5k compensation payout for nightclub attack  22/04/2009
Employee loses thumb in factory incident  22/04/2009
Stroke victim can seek compensation  21/04/2009
Drax Power fined following serious work injury  21/04/2009
Compensation awarded for wheelchair ramp injury  20/04/2009
Firm fined after lift injury  20/04/2009
Claim launched against Cumbrian hospitals  20/04/2009
Cardiff company fined after machine injury  17/04/2009
Council 'risked lives' by failing to fill holes  17/04/2009
Council's GBP1m total compensation for road damage  16/04/2009
'Miner's knee' sufferers can claim compensation  16/04/2009
Teachers awarded GBP18m compensation in 2008  15/04/2009
'Illegal' speed bumps could mean compensation  15/04/2009
HSE reminds employers of workplace responsibilities  14/04/2009
PE teacher claims compensation for damaged foot  09/04/2009
Motorcyclist launches injury claim  09/04/2009
Firm fined after double work injury  09/04/2009
Young boy receives record compensation sum  08/04/2009
Welder receives compensation for work injury  08/04/2009
Chemical company 'narrowly escaped disaster'  07/04/2009
Injury compensation decision could pave the way for more cases  07/04/2009
Shoulder injury results in compensation  07/04/2009
Dodgy DIY 'could lead to injury claims'  06/04/2009
Cyclist awarded injury compensation for pothole  06/04/2009
Contractors warned of fire risk on construction sites  03/04/2009
Injury claim launched for brain-damaged demolition worker  03/04/2009
Company fined after unguarded machine causes work injury  02/04/2009
Pensioner awarded compensation after double misdiagnosis  02/04/2009
Compensation claim launched for superbug victims  02/04/2009
Youngster awarded compensation for brain injuries  01/04/2009
Car accident victim wins compensation claim  01/04/2009
Mechanic awarded compensation for hand injury  01/04/2009
Newcastle council backs HSE campaign to reduce work injury  31/03/2009
Landlords warned to ensure gas safety  31/03/2009
MoD admission 'could allow compensation for Nimrod victims'  31/03/2009
Widow begins car accident compensation claim  30/03/2009
Sofa burn victims struggle for compensation  30/03/2009
Seven work injuries add up to large bill for council  27/03/2009
Council faces 'massive' road accident claim  27/03/2009

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